BBMP Elections: 'Selfie Survey' shows what bothers Bangaloreans the most

By: Suhas Franky
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Aug 22, 2015 is going to mark the beginning of a 'new era' for the Namma city Bengaluru. People in the tech city will cast their votes on Saturday.

Ahead of the BBMP elections, Selfie with Franky Team conducted a survey to find out what the Bangaloreans want or expect from the upcoming BBMP elections.

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BBMP Polls: Major Concerns for Bangaloreans

We all know, the key issues are related to civic mess, which off late, has become the major issue in our city.

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The main concerns include the maintenance of roads, uncovered potholes, cattle menace, sanitary issues, dumping of wastage, water supply, slums in the mid of the city, stray dogs menace, parks, greenery and many others.

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After the survey, Selfie with Franky Team identified these four issues as major concerns for people in Bengaluru.

No Road No Vote

No Road, No Vote: This has been trending on social networking sites since last week.

While asked, one of the participants of the survey said, "government has spent crore to build roads in the city but failed when it comes to maintenance."

Vote for Green City, Not for Garbage City:

Vote for Green City, Not for Garbage City: Bengaluru, which once was known as the Green city, has lost its charm of greenery because of the over dumping of garbage.

80% people agreed to the fact that Bengaluru now has become 'Garbage City' from 'Garden City'.

Mission Emission

Mission Emission: The other upcoming issue in Namma city is the emission, which can cause serious health hazards.

Every Pothole, Can take a Life:

Every Pothole, Can take a Life: Once "Don't Drink and Drive" campaign had created awareness among people in the city.

Now, this is the time when a similar campaign should be held to bring the government's notice to the potholes in every roads of the city.

But the biggest potholes, which exist in the city, especially in the no street light zones can cause a lot of damage.

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