Ayodhya aims to be a tourist destination, wants to move on

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People in Ayodhya have moved on
Ayodhya, Dec 6: Its been 21 years since the Babri Masjid demolition, that sparked widespread communal violence not just in the country but in Pakistan and Bangladesh too, took place. Often when communal clashes of this intensity take place, the people find it difficult to move on.

But Ayodhya in 2013, is a different city altogether. Though security has been beefed up around the city fearing protests, people living in Ayodhya seem to be at ease, unpreturbed by anything.

The city has undergone a sea change ever since the incident took place. OneIndia spoke to a few people on the occasion. Hafiz Ul Rahman, 23, says that the city is peaceful now. Everything is alright. "Why doesn't the media and the politicians mind their own business. Why are you trying to create problems here," he says, when asked about the current situation there.

People in Ayodhya want to forget the past

Two things are clear- one, the youth have clearly moved on and don't want to look back at this day and second they have developed a strong opposition to political leaders.

Even the merchants and the businessmen are affected by politics surrounding the Ayodhya issue. Businessmen say that when security around the areas are beefed up, it has an direct impact on their business.

The city is now completely focused on making it a tourist destination. The youth here are not interested in any temple or mosque. People here say that the government is trying to make the city tourist friendly. From roads to changing rooms on the banks of the Sarayu river, the city wants to be known as a tourist destination and wants to generate revenue by its travel industry.

Work is on in full force in the city, with Rs 181 crore being sanctioned to maintain the sewer lines in the city, laying proper and smooth roads.

This indeed makes us think- do we still need to hold on to the 21 year old incident and raise questions about it or should we embrace the new Ayodhya and move on like the people of Ayodhya have done.

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