At JNU, the larger conspiracy: Who invited separatists to the campus

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New Delhi, Feb 25: The Delhi police do not rule out the presence of separatists from Kashmir or their sympathisers on the JNU campus.

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On February 9th when an event was organised by at the JNU to celebrate the "martyrdom" of Afzal Guru who was hanged after the Supreme Court convicted him some persons raised anti national slogans.

Who invited separatists to JNU campus

A new video that has surfaced shows a set of masked men part of the protests shouting slogans against India. An officer part of the part informed OneIndia that they are in the process of identifying these men. However more importantly we want to know who brought these men to the campus.

The questioning of the accused persons including S A R Geelani will ascertain those details, the officer added.

The larger conspiracy:

There is clearly a larger conspiracy to this entire episode. Students were roped in to organise the protest. However in the meantime some persons from outside the campus slipped in. While the students were protesting these persons raised the slogans with a clear indication of inciting trouble and this is how the sedition charge has been made out the police say.

The new videos that is in circulation clearly shows anti national slogans being raised. It was completely pre-planned and we are trying to find out if any of these students were in touch with the outsiders and helped them into the campus.

During the questioning of Umar Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya, the alleged organisers of the event, the police have got some details, but they are contradictory in nature.

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Khalid and Bhattacharya who are lodged in separate cells have given two different views about the incident. Khalid maintained that there were no anti national slogans while Bhattacharya said there was such slogan shouting but he was unaware as to who was behind it.

The police is also trying to find out from them the names of the lecturers or teachers who provided shelter to the absconding accused.

The separatist link:

The Delhi police say that it is quite clear that the incident goes beyond the JNU campus. There is a foreign element to this entire episode and this has to be probed. None of the students have given a clear picture about this as yet. We will be questioning S A R Geelani arrested on sedition charges on this aspect as well, the Delhi police official noted.

Prior to the February 9th incident, an intelligence bureau report had warned that the Afzal Guru event this year would be a widespread one. While separatists in Kashmir had decided to observe a bundh in the Valley, it was also decided that they need to make this a country wide affair.

It was decided that the protest should be held in Delhi and this was why they may have chosen JNU as a venue. While the Afzal Guru event has been held in the previous years as well, this time around there was a clear intention of making it a more widespread affair, an IB official informed.

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