Astrology: Facing problem in life? Follow 11 steps to get a better life

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Bangalore, Nov 19: Are you facing trouble in life? Is your married life going through a rough phase? Is your child not listening to your advise? Follow these steps to get rid of your sins and get a better life.

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Astrologer: Ashvath Shanker
Contact No: 8122037397

Perform Remedies (Pariharam)

Thilaka homam should be performed depending on whether the deceased was a spinster, bachelor or married or if it was due to accidental death.


Offerings (tharpanam) to deceased alone is not sufficient.

Based on the position of planet Maandhi in the horoscope, the presence of forefather curse, black magic etc has to be determined and remedies undertaken accordingly

Reasons why obstacles and delays exist in getting married

The foremost reason for such, is the Forefather Dosha (Flaw).


Secondly, if the Lord of Marriage, namely Venus is in the stars Kirthigai, Thiruvathirai, Kettai, Moolam in the horoscope Mars Afflication and Kaalasarpa Dosham are the not the only reasons for delays and obstacles in getting married.

Worshiping of Family Deity

The Family Deity cannot be of a male gender, it always is of a female gender


Reason for Divorces

a. Apart from matching the birth stars of the bride and the groom, the planetary positions in their horoscopes must also be analysed.
b. Should ascertain the correct basis of Mars Afflication (Sevaa Dosham)
c. Should not use medication for postponing the menstrual cycle in order to perform the wedding.
d. Should not conduct weddings on a Thursday
e. Nuptial night should not be on a Friday or Sunday


Worship for removal of poverty and enhancement of wealth

Daily read passages from the "Idarinum Thallarinum" chapter of Devaaram or Read "Valli Thirumanam. Or read "Krishnashtagam".

A recorded audio of the above can also be heard, instead of reading.


Lamp Worship for Family Unity

For Happiness in the Family, light up a lamp using Ashvath Deepam Oil containing Rock Candy(crystal sugar) (Kalkandu) and 8 different herbs.


Adamancy in Children

For 18 Thursdays, offer a garland made of 27 cardamom to Lord Vinayagr and perform Archana using the child's name and birth star.


Educational Excellence in Children

Light up an incense stick applied with civet extract, in the study room. Apply in the morning, afternoon, evening and night, Ashvath Vidyavahini Vibuthi on the forehead of the child.


Accumulate Wealth though Lamp Worship

For the Goddess of Wealth to remain permanently at home, worship with lamp lit using Ashvath Lakshmi Kadaksha lamp oil


Black Magic Affliction

To counter and ward off the ill effects of Black Magic, Evil Eye and Bad Spirits, light a lamp at home using Ashvath Sathru Samhara lamp oil


Sacred Ash (Vibuthi)

For success in genuine actions, daily apply Ashvath Kariya-sidhi Vibuti on the forehead.

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