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Aryan Khan to spend another night in jail as Bail hearing adjourned till tomorrow

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Mumbai, Oct 26: Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan will spend another night in jail as the hearing of his bail application was adjourned till 2.30 pm on Wednesday by Bombay High Court. During the hearing, senior advocate and former attorney general of India, Mukul Rohatgi who appeared for Aryan Khan, told that court that it was a "fit case of bail".

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) opposed the bail plea filed by Aryan Khan, who was arrested earlier this month in the cruise drugs seizure case, alleging the 23-year-old was not just a consumer of drugs, but also involved in illicit drug trafficking.

The agency also claimed that Aryan Khan and a woman named Pooja Dadlani, Shah Rukh Khan's manager, were tampering with the evidence and witnesses in the case in an attempt to derail the investigation.

Will Aryan Khan get bail? Bombay HC to hear his plea today

Here are the highlights:

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6:08 PM, 26 Oct
Aryan Khan case adjourned for tomorrow. Bombay High Court to hear the matter at 230 PM
5:59 PM, 26 Oct
Did the NCB believe on the afternoon of October 2 & when they exercise power of arrest, they exercise it for Khan & Merchant & Dhamecha. The principles say that the person who is to be arrested should be told about the grounds: Senior Advocate Amit Desai was quoted as saying by Bar and Bench
5:46 PM, 26 Oct
Arbaaz Merchant Begins his arguments
5:44 PM, 26 Oct
Court: I am sensitive to your concerns hence I sit till 7. Else I can sit till 4.30 and curtail my board. Are you saying that your applications are intentionally not being circulated?
5:44 PM, 26 Oct
Jha: there is preliminary application, and that is by the members of the bar as well. That there is precedence given to this matter over the 100s other pending applications
5:38 PM, 26 Oct
Amit Desai is appearing for Arbaaz Merchant Advocate Subhash Jha has field an intervention application. The court points it out.
5:33 PM, 26 Oct
Rohatgi finally reads Justice Dangre’s order of Bombay High Court. He hands over an article of Indian Express pertaining to remarks by Social Justice Ministry for reformation in drugs consumption
5:32 PM, 26 Oct
Rohatgi says,''It was not in my control, what was found in Arbaaz Merchant’s shoe. Arbaaz is not my servant, he is not in my control, so there is no conspiracy.''
5:26 PM, 26 Oct
Rohatgi: The next judgment is by Justice Pitale. One is Ranveer and one is Shanu. Ranveer Singh v State of Maharashtra and Shanoob KH v. state
5:26 PM, 26 Oct
Rohatgi cites Ragini Dwivedi vs State of Karnataka case
5:25 PM, 26 Oct
I respectfully submit that I have a better case than all cases, I am citing because there is no recovery from me, Rohatgi was quoted as saying by Bar and Bench.
5:24 PM, 26 Oct
Amit Desai: But there is nothing beyond that poker communication Rohatgi: Exactly, what I am saying is there is nothing to show that I was financing illicit trafficking
5:24 PM, 26 Oct
Mukul Rohtagi: Max you may link me with Merchant and Accused 17 (Aachit) only after recovery. But I am not linked with anyone else. Conspiracy is when all 20 have met prior and have meeting of minds
5:10 PM, 26 Oct
'My case will go to 8(c), 27 and 20(b) and not Section 27A. My case is far from Section 27A. With this compendium of facts, what I am saying that there is no case. There is no consumption, no possession... Why this boy has been sent 20 days in jail', Rohatgi was quoted as saying by Bar and Bench.
5:08 PM, 26 Oct
Rohatgi: I am not in any case concerned with Section 27A. There is no evidence. I have not financed anyone trafficking. These are young boys. They can be sent to rehab and they need not undergo trial. It had come in some newspaper that the social ministry was mentioning about reform
5:08 PM, 26 Oct
I am not admitting to consumption or use. The only thing is conscious possession and that is also small quantity: Mukul Rohatgi
5:07 PM, 26 Oct
Rohatgi: The Whatsapp chats do not pertain to the cruise or conspiracy, those are old chats
5:07 PM, 26 Oct
Rohatgi: Today what is being said is kind of rebounding on me Kindly keep me away from that controversy. I am making it clear I have nothing against any NcB officer. I have no grievance
5:06 PM, 26 Oct
Rohatgi: The director of the Sameer Wankhede in response, he said that it is on account of the enmity with a political personality whose son in law was arrested, (Nawab Malik) Today what is being said is kind of rebounding on me
4:43 PM, 26 Oct
Mukul Rohatgi says there is no prior conviction in this case
4:43 PM, 26 Oct
As for the Whatsapp chats, they were of the time period of 2018. None of the chats are from the cruise: Rohatgi
4:42 PM, 26 Oct
Rohatgi: The sizes are small, medium and large. So this small amount is not enough to keep me in custody. Sorry I mean small intermediary and commercial. Many others have been found with intermediary and commercial quantity. There is no Section 27A against me!
4:42 PM, 26 Oct
Rohatgi: My case is NOT conscious possession at all. There was NO recovery from Aryan Khan and there was NO medical examination to show that there was consumption. Merchant had 6 gms of charas which was recovered from his shoes. merchant is denying it. I am not concerned, except that he is my friend.
4:40 PM, 26 Oct
Rohatgi: The statements made to NDPS officers are inadmissible. That is what it says. Since there is no RECOVERY, I submit I am WRONGLY arrested
4:40 PM, 26 Oct
Rohatgi: I moved Magistrate, he said no jurisdiction. He said go to district level. Then we moved to district court. That was rejected.
4:20 PM, 26 Oct
Mukul Rohatgi: I beg to appear in first of these matters for Aryan Khan.
4:09 PM, 26 Oct
Senior Advocate Mukul Rohatgi and Advocate Maneshinde have come to Court.
3:55 PM, 26 Oct
ASG’s team including Advocate Shreeram Shirsat and SPP Advait Sethna are also in Court, Bar and Bench reports
3:50 PM, 26 Oct
ASG Anil Singh has come to Court. He will appear for NCB in drugs on a cruise ship case.
3:25 PM, 26 Oct
Aryan Khan's bail application matter is serial no.57

Not summoned, here on work says lead investigator in Aryan Khan caseNot summoned, here on work says lead investigator in Aryan Khan case

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