Ajit Singh shamelessly raising Charan Singh's name to avoid leaving bungalow

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Ajit Singh
Ghaziabad, Sept 18: Supporters of Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) chief Ajit Singh on Thursday staged protest in Ghaziabad and other parts of western Uttar Pradesh to protest against Centre's decision of snapping cut water and electricity supply at his government residence, last week. This incident shows how politicians in the country exploit their vote banks for their own vested interests.

What is the issue?

Ajit Singh, who was living at 12, Tughalaq Road government residence which was allotted to him as a member of Lok Sabha, was reportedly not vacating it even after losing the election.

The former Union Aviation Minister along with several other Congress leaders were served eviction notices many a times but to no avail. He even resisted the eviction team, along with police, when they had gone to take possession of the house.

Finally, the authorities had to cut the water and electricity supply of these houses to force him to vacate the premises. But, instead of abiding by the law Ajit Singh resorted to oppose the government's move by giving it a political colour.

Supporters of RLD and Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU) were picked up in buses from all across western UP and brought in Ghaziabad to protest and snap water supply of the national capital. Around 10,000 demonstrators arrived here on Thursday to block traffic on National Highway 58 and even tried to disrupt the water supply of the Sonia Vihar water treatment plant in Delhi. They had also brought loads of stones and empty bottles to pelt at the cops.

When the situation became out of control the police had to resort to lathi charge and use water cannons, tear gas shells and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd. Nearly 200 demonstrators and police personnel were injured in the scuffle.

But, this raises one pertinent question that why did all this was done in the first place? Had the government done anything wrong in forcing a violator? No. Was it indulging into any kind of vendetta politics? No.

And who must be held responsible for injuries of the supporters who simply came out in support of their leader.

How were protesters incited?

The RLD suffered a massive rout in the Lok Sabha election 2014 at the hands of the BJP in western UP. Even its party chief and the civil aviation minister under the UPA regime failed to retain his traditional Meerut assembly seat. This humiliation had probably infuriated the RLD chief who defied the law and continued living in the residence which is specifically meant for the elected members of the Parliament.

Even after several requests from the government's side Singh didn't pay heed to it and kept dilly-dallying. And after NDMC snapped the electricity and water supply then Singh, who is the son of former UP CM late Chaudhary Charan Singh, tried to politicise the entire issue by saying people want the government bungalow to be converted into a memorial of his late father.

Giving the example of government bungalows of Indira Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Kanshi Ram and Jagjivan Ram the RLD cited it must also be converted into a memorial as many see that place as Chaudhary sahib's residence, who breathed his last in 1987. But, a pertinent question arises why was the late UP CM's official residence not transformed as a memorial back then? Why the idea of a erecting a memorial didn't cross his son's mind during past 26 years?

Certainly, it was not Ajit Singh's intention to do so. He is doing it at the eleventh hour just because he doesn't wants to lose this property as it will render him homeless in the Lutyens' zone. And that is why he is politicising the issue to mount public pressure on the government.

Hence, its high time public understand such tricks of the political classes and abstain themselves from falling prey to such lies because ultimately its the angry supporters who are going to feel the heat not such politicians.

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