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8-Month-Old Anirudh Seeks Your Help For His Final Surgery

"Anirudh is our only child. I remember when I was pregnant with him, my practical and economical husband filled our little house with baby clothes and decorated the walls with baby photos. We waited for the arrival of Anirudh. We never really thought of this name. While going through a baby's photo I remember reading the name, Anirudh. I wanted my baby to look like the one in the photo. So, we named our child Anirudh," says Anirudh's mother.

8-Month-Old Anirudh Seeks Your Help For His Final Surgery

Anirudh's mother had a problematic premature delivery. Like most premature births, her troubles were far from over. Doctors informed the parents that Anirudh's bowels were not formed completely, meaning he had trouble passing his stools without pain and bleeding. He needed an urgent three-stage colostomy.

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With an income of Rs. 15,000, Anirudh's parents had trouble paying for his medicines. Paying for three surgeries seemed almost impossible. Nevertheless, it was their baby's life at stake and they did not want to leave any stone unturned. They took a loan of Rs. 2,50,000, the interest on which they are still struggling to pay back. The first surgery was a success and doctors grew more confident about the other two.

"We used to look at our weak baby in the ICU, covered in tubes. He would cry every time he passed stool and his shrieks would haunt me. I held his hand and prayed for him to hold on a little more. I wished to take my Anirudh's pain away. All I could think of was getting help in some way or the other. Every time I was beside my baby, I tell him, help is on the way and you have nothing worry my child. There is a silver lining for you. You will live to see the world of colours and hope," says his mother.

8-Month-Old Anirudh Seeks Your Help For His Final Surgery

Anirudh's second surgery was crowdfunded and his family teary-eyed at the support it elicited. For them, it was nothing less than a miracle. Entire communities, near and far ones, came together to save Anirudh. She found her hope restored and her joy seemed to escalate with each passing day. She was happy about her son.

But Anirudh needed a final surgery. The third one. The first two successful operations helped Anirudh become better from the dire situation he was in. Doctors had told he would be perfect after the final surgery. It would heal him completely.

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This is the family's last chance in giving Anirudh's life back to him. The family has approached Impact Guru for a fundraiser.

This may be their last chance to give him a healthy and normal life but without your help, it might not be possible. He has spent his lifetime in the hospital and this is his one chance at a pain-free life.

Anirudh's family asks for a little contribution for their son's surgery. Any amount of contribution will definitely help Anirudh and light up the world with hope. We ask for a little of happiness in form of contribution from your end.

8-Month-Old Anirudh Seeks Your Help For His Final Surgery

Anirudh's mother adds, "Please help our son and be his silver lining. We will forever be indebted for the help you have offered in saving our little soul."

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You can help Anirudh by contributing and sharing this story so that it reaches more people and the help comes in the time of need.

Let us save our child today and help humanity spread hope and kindness.

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