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7 Reasons Why You Must Hire Freelancers In Covid-19 Pandemic

By Anubhuti Gaur
Google Oneindia News

There's a lot we took for granted before the pandemic brought us to our knees. If you are a business owner, then it was probably a huge blow to suddenly have your workforce operating from home.

Fortunately, humans can turn a bad day around. In this case, channeling the freedom and autonomy of working from home into establishing a successful career in freelancing.

7 Reasons Why You Must Hire Freelancers In Covid-19 Pandemic

The workforce is evolving at an unbelievable pace, making more and more employers well disposed to the idea of working with freelancers. With professionals now opting for more flexible work arrangements, freelancing is the future and can be the perfect way for you to save costs on additional labour while potentially growing your business.

Read on to know 7 reasons why hiring freelancers is the best decision you can make right now.

1. Freelancers are perfect for work from home:

If you're hiring a freelancer in a pandemic, then you don't have to worry about your employees adjusting to the new normal anymore. Freelancers have always worked from home and know perfectly well how to strike the work-life balance. They're used to the work culture and dynamics, so it's literally a win-win situation.

2. They won't experience a burnout:

Most full time employees have experienced a burnout at some point in the pandemic as they have been juggling household chores, zoom calls and personal time. Freelancers don't have this problem. Most of them work at their own pace, taking breaks between assignments and clients. So there is a greater chance that the freelancer you are hiring is completely charged up to deliver on their role.

3. Hiring them would be cost-effective for you:

Freelancers don't keep expectations of enjoying any perks of a full-time employee, so you can take providing pandemic assistance to them off your plate. At a time when most companies are looking to cut any added costs, hiring freelancers is bound to reduce your burden as most of them will use their own equipment.

4. Freelancers won't require pandemic leaves:

A freelancer would only work if their health conditions are conducive to the job. They won't take up an assignment unless they are fit to deliver. So working with them is absolutely hassle free as they have the reputation of abiding by timelines and won't keep you hanging. They are rather professionals who would ensure a smooth functioning of the job without slacking.

7 Reasons Why You Must Hire Freelancers In Covid-19 Pandemic

5. Freelancers won't work unless they feel mentally fit to work:

Mental health is extremely crucial to our well being, and freelancers believe likewise. That is why they would never take up a job if they didn't feel mentally healthy. Working from home has left many full-time employees feeling overwhelmed and burdened, ultimately impacting their peace of mind. You can hire a freelancer because they bring in the same level of expertise as your employees.

6. They can be perfect for a specialized project that requires special skills:

Hiring from the talent pool of a particular specialized project is more suitable than hiring someone full time for a project that would last only a few weeks or months. A freelancer may have an enriching experience of working for multiple companies or clients and might understand your needs better.

7. Freelancers can be easily replaced for non professional behavior:

You may find it difficult to deal with a full-time employee given the pandemic circumstances. While on the other hand, a freelancer can be hired immediately and the process won't be affected much.

Hiring a freelancer in the pandemic is a futuristic trend that can make work from home more comfortable, easier and productive. Do you agree? share your views with us.

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