6 men,17 terror cases, on the run for 2 years; police of six states could not nab them

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New Delhi, Mar 21: It comes as quite a surprise that six men on the run for two years had carried out 17 incidents of terror including robberies without being detected by an entire nation's police force.

This is an incident involving five SIMI operatives who had fled from the Khandwa jail in Madhya Pradesh in the year 2013.

6 men on run for 2 years

Going by the investigations being conducted today, it appears that they have been blamed for every incident of terror that has taken place since 2013. Be it the Chennai train blasts, the Bijnor blast or the spate of robberies that have taken place in various states.

6 men, 2 years, 17 incidents:

Six persons have managed to break out of the jail at Khandwa in 2013. They were on the run for two years. However two of them were traced in the last half of 2015 and killed in an encounter at Telangana.

The hunt of the other four continued. However the hunt came to an end last month when four of them were arrested in Odisha.

In the years that these persons were absconding, the police blamed every incident on them. Prior to the cracking of the Bengaluru Church Street Blasts case, even this incident was blamed on them.

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The Chennai train blasts according to investigators was the handiwork of this group as they were avenging an incident in which four Muslims had been earlier thrown out of the same train.

After they escaped from jail, they carried out a robbery in Madhya Pradesh. The money they looted was handed over to the SIMI module in Jharkhand which carried out two blasts, one at Patna and the other at Bodhgaya.

Following this they left for Uttar Pradesh where they attempted to bomb Bijnor. However in an accidental blast, one of them was seriously injured.

After this incident they carried out a spate of robberies which included a major one in Telangana as well. It is said that they also stayed a while in Karnataka after the robbery at Telangana. They have also been accused of carrying out a bombing outside a police station in Pune.

How did they get away?

After their escape, they were being hunted down by the police of Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Karnataka and not to mention the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

They were all over the place according to the police. It sounds quite strange that for two years none of the above mentioned security forces were able to trace them.

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While some police officials allege that they managed to stay off the radar thanks to the local help they enjoyed in most states, the NIA says that they had deployed another tactic. According to the NIA, they never travelled as a group and this helped them avoid the heat.

It must also be mentioned here that during the accidental blast at Bijnor in 2014, one of the operatives, Mehboob had been injured badly. This led the other operatives to call his mother who joined them and has been there with them since then.

They conversed on cell phones, went about different states using buses and trains and yet were not traced for two years. Now with the arrest of these persons, police officials are looking to close at least 17 cases one of which also includes a plot to bomb an RSS meet.

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