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2 ISIS recruits and how their mothers handled the situation


New Delhi, Nov 18: The Narendra Modi-led government of India has very often emphasized that the role of elders plays a major role in curbing radicalization.

India, which battles the threat of terror every day, has decided to rope in elders and engage the parents more actively in ensuring that the youth do not join the ISIS.


In such cases, the role of a mother is extremely important. Officials have been speaking with the parents of several youth to counsel their children if they found anything suspicious because more often than not they do take their mother's word.

Here are two separate incidents of how the respective mothers handled the situation after learning that their boys had joined the ISIS.

Incident one:

This was an incident dating back to early 2014. A youth from India had been radicalized on the web. After conversing with several recruiters for several months, one fine day he packed his bags and decided to leave his home.

He had not informed his family members about his plans and decided to slip out lest he may have been stopped.

However, on reaching the airport, he decided to call his mother and inform her about his plans. After listening to her son she asked what he plans on achieving by joining the ISIS.

The son replied the time had come for him to do something for his religion and joining the ISIS would ensure that.

The mother after giving him a patient hearing told him that religion also states that he look after his old and ailing parents.

She told her son that if he wanted to really do something for his religion, then he must look after his parents. The youth was convinced and returned home from the airport.

This was a conversation that was shared with India by the Australian Intelligence in the early part of 2014.

Incident two:

This was an incident that occurred in the middle of 2015. It was a 15 minute conversation that was intercepted by the Australian intelligence.

In this case, the youth reached Mosul in Iraq. After training heavily, he was chosen to undertake a suicide bombing.

Calm and composed despite being strapped with explosives, he called his mother. He told her that in the next few minutes he would detonate the explosives and would attain martyrdom.

"I will meet you in heaven," he told the mother.

The mother listened to him, but made no effort to convince him or talk him out of it.

As planned the youth blew himself up. The mother informed her relatives that her son attained martyrdom. She also stated that all children born on this day should be named after her son.

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