What is it to be a Yazidi?

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The ever haunting impending death or the fear of being turned into a sex slave has made a Yazidi life full of speculations and doubts. Depended solely on rescue choppers, they have a bearing of the past that will be taken to the future too. A life in the refugee camps is not easy, especially when you had homes of your own in the otherwise picturesque mountains of Iraq.

With the war that rips apart the life and the psyche of the rescued, one can imagine how painful it would be to live under the thatched roof, looking for employment all over again.

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Rescue from the ghettos

A feministic approach to women's liberation cracks down in the presence of Yazidi women. With the looming danger of attack from the ISIS, the women just need a way to avoid being turned into sex slaves or being gangraped in public. For all those stranded in the mountains, relief materials come as small packets of joy.

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But thereafter, the clamour for some room inside the copter portrays the desparation and the helplessness.

The cascade of emotions begin here. Once on the copter, some thank relief officials for rescuing them, while some shed tears for the relatives left behind.

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Abduction and execution

It has been reported that the men are abducted and randomly executed for following a religion that does not go with the Islamic State. Women, however, are taken to the ghettos and dispatched as 'gifts' to senior commanders and fighters. There are horrifying tales of them being forcefully married off to the fighters who then exchange 'wives' for more thrill.

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Clearly, not a great life to lead, the Yazidis live by the day, breathing their last every moment, in an uncertainty that will be carried forward to their future, if they survived the present.

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