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Will Supreme Court allow bail to Jayalalitha?


Bangalore, Oct 8: Jayalalitha had no 'justice' both from the Madras High Court and the Karnataka High Court. However, AIADMK has not lost hope. Her lawyers are rumoured to be heading to the Supreme Court.

60-40 chances of bail

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The Supreme Court may have set its mind already, after yesterday's verdict. In fact, it may not entertain the case in the first place at all. A close follow-up of the verdict yesterday would have made it clear how the judge kept reminding one of Supreme Court's judgement in corruption cases-be it Lalu Yadav's fodder scam or some other scam related to corruption.

Although it was a tough stand against Ram Jethmalani, Jaya's defence lawyer, the court however managed to bring in all the Supreme Court verdicts against corruption.

"What is the hurry? Even Lalu had to stay in jail for 2 years," the judge smirked at the courtroom yesterday.

All doors closed, the Supreme Court would not have a choice but to save its face and image by keeping mum.

The court-room laughter said it all

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The drama before the final refusal of bail seemed to be all got-up. Former chief minister of Tamil Nadu and the accused Jayalalitha was about to get back her 'Amma effect' when she fell flat on her back...literally. She collapsed, perhaps symbolising the collapse of her Empire.

In fact, the courtroom bursting into laughter after the judge said "No Bail" was somewhat symbolical of what the people want. In such a situation, the SC may not take a chance of attracting public ire and media glare.

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The disproportionate assets

Ram Jethmalani may have argued that property acquired before Jayalalitha became Chief Minister should not be accounted for; but Jaya's foster son's wedding preparations became her biggest bane. The 75,000 square feet mantapa and the glittering jewels narrated a tale beyond the actual saga.

It is out in the open and there is no exit route, Jaya amma! Your display of splendour and lavishness did little to hide the 'aura' that was behind the 'glitterrati'. You were a brand ambassador of your own brainchilds (the Amma products), but at what expense?

The glitter goes and so does the aura, as they say "nothing is perennial". Truth be spoken and the case may rest.

Indeed, the 'Amma' brand may have to bear with a short shelf-life.

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