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Why AAP's experiment with LS poll is dangerous for its future

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arvind kejriwal
Arvind Kejriwal's talks on taking on BJP's Narendra Modi from Varanasi constitute perhaps the biggest attraction of this year's Lok Sabha election. But that is all about it. This attraction is hollow even though there is a method in it. For a publicity-monger Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), this is one of the few strategies available to make a mark in this year's big fight.

But Kejriwal, in an enthusiasm to attack an individual (he never really faced the problems he spoke about so often before coming to power in Delhi), is also digging the grave of his political career. He began to author his downfall in February when he resigned as the chief minister of Delhi citing obstacles that never allowed him to work. But it was a deliberate ploy to make use of the media to earn more publicity ahead of the election. He also shifted his foe from the Congress to the BJP, understanding fully well that there is no point in flogging a dead horse now. Modi is a far bigger bet for he is stealing all the limelight.

This guerrilla strategy of Kejriwal has so far served him well but will boomerang after May 16.

Here are some reasons for that.

AAP's guerrilla tactics of no use in a national election

Kejriwal and his party are going all out to make a mark on the national stage but the reality is that the AAP has little or no organisation nationally. Even the 34-year-old BJP is still not a force to reckon in various parts of India and is depending heavily on Modi to do well in this year's election. The party has taken all possible care to preserve a clean image of Modi ahead of the elections. The AAP, on the other hand, is eager to sacrifice its face by intending to field Kejriwal against Modi. God knows what the party is trying to prove through such guerrilla tactics.

We know what Kejriwal stands against, but what does his party stand for? Is there an agenda?

A peculiar feature of the AAP is that it has no agenda for the election apart from attacking Narendra Modi. Almost all of its prominent leaders are targetting the BJP's prime ministerial candidate whenever they are talking to the media. This is in complete contrast to Modi's organised campaigning before the polls. The voters of this country are not interested to see alternative to Modi but an alternative to poor governance which has plagued the country over the last decade. Everybody know what Kejriwal and his party stand against. Nobody knows what they stand for.

UP politics is not an over-simplified equation, doesn't Yogendra Yadav know that?

One can understand why Modi is contesting from Varanasi. There are political points to prove for him and the BJP by contesting from a strategic seat in Uttar Pradesh. But why Kejriwal from Varanasi? For the people of Varanasi, Kejriwal is irrelevant. Experimentation may suit fickle-minded Kejriwal but for a serious voter, this is a crucial opportunity in five years. Why should he/she waste it for uncertainty?

The AAP is using Modi and media for its publicity campaigning. But for how long?

The AAP's intention to field Kejriwal from a seat in UP also reveals that it has done little homework in fighting the general election on traditional basis. It is quite surprising indeed for the party has renowned social scientist like Yogendra Yadav in its ranks. The AAP has no articulated ideology based on socio-economic realities and in a state like UP where electoral politics is completely different from say a city like Delhi, trying to storm the constituencies just in the name of Kejriwal's honesty is like committing a suicide.

AAP's recipe for disaster

The AAP leaderhip's hasty talks and moves, inner contradiction (projecting branded people for the polls while speaking about aam aadmis) and lack of an ideological foundation are signals of an impending danger. Kejriwal might continue to entertain his supporters for some time but post May 16, he could be thrown into the dustbin of history.

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