What if Yakub Memon had listened to Tiger Memon?

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Mumbai, July 24: Yakub Memon would have wished he had taken his brother, Tiger Memon's advise. Tiger Memon the main conspirator of the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts currently in Karachi had warned Yakub against returning to India.

However, Yakub according to his own account had decided to return to India as he was tired of shuttling between UAE and Pakistan.

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Yakub Memon blames Tiger for the mess

According to the Indian intelligence agencies, Yakub was picked up after a chase on the Nepal border and his arrest was finally shown at New Delhi by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Memon blames Tiger for the mess

The family of Yakub Memon would blame Tiger Memon for the mess that they are in. They have constantly stated that it was Tiger who was into the world of crime. Tiger Memon who stayed at Byculla was a driver to the Dosa brothers who were major players in the underworld.

Over a period of time, Tiger Memon walked into the world of the underworld and became a major player. His brother Yakub was living in the same building at Byculla.

Yakub claimed that he never had anything to do with his brother's dealings and was busy with his practice as an chartered account. He had even started a firm called Mehta and Memon Associates.

However, the story by Memon misses a key point. There is no real explanation as to why he went missing two days before the serial blasts. He moved along with his family to UAE. He claims that he was scared of being framed as he was Tiger Memon's brother.

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When Tiger said don't return to India

Yakub Memon and his family had left India for the UAE two days prior to the blast. They were shuttled between UAE and Pakistan for the next 18 months. His return to India have several accounts. Intelligence Bureau officials have different views on his arrest.

While Yakub claims that he had decided to give himself up as he felt he would get a fair trial, some officials claim that his location was tracked in Nepal.

There was supposed to have been a chase in Nepal forcing Yakub into the Indian side before he was nabbed and shown as arrested in New Delhi.

However, there is also another version that Yakub himself wanted to surrender as he was tired of running between UAE and Pakistan. He had decided he wanted to come back to India. However it was at that time Tiger Memon warned him against doing that. 'You will not get a fair trial in India' Tiger is said to have told Yakub.

Yakub however, decided to take the plunge and come back to India. A few days after his return to India, he had instructed his family too to come back. Yakub in a letter written to the Chief Justice of India says that he felt relieved on returning to India.

'It was a difficult time for me and my family and we felt peaceful on coming back and surrendering in India.' Yakub returned along with 8 others in his family.

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