Ms Mamata, Kolkata might not be London but Bengal is surely on way to become Afghanistan

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West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee recently expressed in a social networking site a strong displeasure over the Narendra Modi government at the Centre's 'interference' in the matters of the state. The chief minister accused the Centre of acting against the spirit of federalism and said the Centre was acting like a political party and fuelling communal tension in various states.

The Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo was perhaps speaking about the Centre's rapid response to the explosion that took place in Khagragarh in Burdwan on October 2. Her government also refused to cooperate with the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in interrogating the three arrested in connection to the blast and lending 30 personnel of the state police to help in the probe, according to a report published in Anandabazar Patrika.

The report also said that a number of top officials in the state administration favoured the NIA probe into the blast case but they were helpless because the chief minister was against it.

State govt asked not to take step because Eid was approaching!

The NIA personnel were reportedly surprised to learn that the state government took little steps against the blast accused and did not go after the terror camps despite having the information. According to the ABP report, the Burdwan district administration was asked by the state secretariat not to take any action as Eid was approaching!

Mamata's govt has emerged as a headache for the entire country now

The current government in West Bengal is reaching new lows with each passing day. Initially, it was its utter failure in public administration which led to repeated instances of rape, chaos and disorder. Silencing the trouble-makers in Darjeeling hills and Maoist-infested Jangalmahal was considered two of her government's rare success stories.

But the chit fund scam, the alleged linking of its funds with Islamist forces in Bangladesh and the revelation that West Bengal has indeed been turned into a arms factory by the enemies of the nation have proved that the TMC has compromised even with the national security.

Mamata Banerjee's hypocrisy on federalism

Banerjee's taking a convenient stand on India's federal structure is nothing but hypocrisy. The same West Bengal chief minister is heard blaming the Centre when it comes to her state's poor economic health. She accuses the Centre of not helping her state with money and pleads for moratorium.

But when it comes to the crucial question of security, Banerjee says the Centre is interfering in her state's affairs. She can not have it both ways. The leader has shown in the last three-and-half years how not to be an administrative head who steers her state towards complete jeopardy.

Why Centre has overlooked the Bangladesh threat all these years? Bengal needed more focus

But having said that, the Centre is also not without its fault either. New Delhi has overlooked the growing threat in Bengal, which has an international border and that too with a country which is not known to be very friendly, through all these years. The state government's 'open border' policy for the sake of winning elections was never questioned even if it put the security of the entire country at stake.

The Bengal govt has refused to cooperate with the NIA in the blast probe

The unpleasant realities of India-Bangladesh border were ignored in favour of the soft emotions and bonding between the two Bengals, something which only shows how much impractical can we be in guarding our own interests.

Short-sighted leadership has taken the country to the edge

Banerjee's administration took the game on from where its predecessors had left. The situation has turned so grave now that only manning the borders is no more a solution. The tentacles of death have spread across the country, thanks to the 'big heart' of our populist leaders. Nobody knows from where the next bolt will strike but the short-sighted leaders are happy catering to the constituencies that serve them best during the elections.

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