Videos: The act of forgiveness that changed the world for these men

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"Then Peter came and said: "Lord, how many times shall my brother sin against me and I forgive? Up to seven times?Jesus: I tell you, not seven times but seventy times seven."

(Mathew: 18:21-22)

In a day's long stress, it is but natural that you end up hating a lot of people around you-be it your boss or your colleagues, despite the fact that it leaves a very bitter taste in your mouth. It leaves you drained out and exhausted at the end of the day. Clinical psychologists believe that holding on to anger and grudge against a person who faulted, harms the self.


Holding on to a grudge can lead to a lot of ailments including High Blood Pressure and heart ailments. But more than that, it can leave you behind in your relationship.

  • It will bring anger and bitterness into every relationship and new experience
  • You cannot enjoy the present as you are wrapped up in the wrong always
  • Become depressed or anxious
  • Feel that your life lacks meaning or purpose, or that you're at odds with your spiritual beliefs
  • Lose valuable and enriching connectedness with others

If the above-mentioned reason are not convincing enough, watch these stories of forgiveness that display what it means for a big heart to forgive the very people who harmed you or the people in your lives.

The Gary Ridgway case: Murderer of over 70 women-mostly prostitutes and teen runaways-Ridgway escaped death sentence because of one person, the father of one of his victims, who did not 'hate him' but forgave him.

While many of the victims' kith and kin hurled abuses at Ridgway, pleading the court that he suffered a lot and wishing that he rot in hell, there was one man who stood by the stone-faced culprit, giving his forgiveness. The victim's father said:

"Although it is very difficult to do what God wishes me to do-to forgive you-I still do. There are many people who hate you here, but I am not one of them. I forgive you." This changed Gary's world and he broke down in tears.

Mother embraces daughter's killer in court: This is the story of a brave mother who forgave the teen murderer and friend of her daughter. Culprit Jordyn Howe pleaded guilty in court for the shooting of 13 year old Lourdes "Jina" Guzman-DeJesus.

He had brought his stepfather's gun to school and was testing it on the ground first. When it did not work, he pointed it to Jina and shot her, killing her instantly.

3 years later, Jina's mother forgave Howe in court and pleaded for his well-being. Howe was left with a year of juvenile custody, followed by a tour of Florida with Jina's mother, talking about the dangers of gun. An interview with the mother revealed what she really felt when she met Howe.

"I will not get back my daughter if he was sentenced and since both of them were friends, Jina would have asked me to forgive him. So I followed her wish," she said. Having said that, she hugged Howe in court.

The Eric Smallridge drunken driving case: Eric Smallridge was held for drunken driving, leading to death of two teenage girls. Although defensive in court, this small act of forgiveness from one of the victim's mother. Eric now accompanies the victim's kin to various places, giving lectures on dangers of drunken driving.

In a similar case, pastor Philip Robinson forgave his dad's murderer who shot him dead on resisting a robbery 29 years ago. Though Robinson wanted the murderer dead initially, he forgave him and even jelped him win release from prison. "This is a story about life and living it fully," Robinson said. "I do that by forgiving. Ron benefits, but I benefit too."

The latest act of forgiveness, however, came to light after the Charleston Shooting after the children of one of the victims forgave the murderer. Here's what they said:

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