Vanzara letter: Why BJP still not united to back Narendra Modi?

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The Vanzara letter fiasco is unlikely to shake the trust on Narendra Modi as the future leader of the nation, but it will put the BJP under stress for sure. But as every challenge brings with it an opportunity, the latest controversy will also give the party divided over Modi an opportunity to come together and settle the issue once and for all.

The reason is clear: If the BJP finds itself further rattled by the new controversy and gift an advantage to the Opposition targetting Modi by failing to arrive at a unanimous stand soon, then there is every possibility that its Mission 2014 could get derailed

One suspects that the Vanzara letter was aimed more at putting the BJP's fragile house in a disarray just days ahead of declaring Modi as the party's prime ministerial candidate. Reports said the sensational letter has put the party leadership in an uncertain state. Suspicion has reined and there is little consensus on what actually caused this sudden explosion.

It is high time that the BJP comes together and not pamper individuals' ambition

It is learnt that Modi had requested the Sangh leadership to declare his name as the prime ministerial candidate at the earliest so that he can make a dash at consolidating the party's strength in key states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. But some senior BJP leaders have sought that the prime ministerial candidate's name could be finalised after the assembly elections due in a few months.

BJP must make use of the challenge and act decisively

The BJP has an important decision to make and that too fast. The Vanzara letter should push it more to take a call on Modi and announce him as the prime ministerial candidate instead of dilly-dallying. But can it set aside the internal differences and stop seeing a new ghost in Vanzara and hesitate on Modi's elevation. If the boat sinks near the shore, the BJP must remember that it will have little reason to cheer itself before the crucial 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Vanzara letter can't be a game-changer

There is no reason to feel convinced that the fake encounter cases will derail Modi's chances. A national election is not determined by local issues and given the gutter that India has found itself in in terms of economic slump or social insecurity, there is little reason to believe that the voters will think more about who had ordered a fake encounter or what a police officer wrote than the rising prices and rapes. These, along with the cumulative distrust on the current regime owing to neck-deep corruption and populist measures burdening the economy, will affect the thinking the liberal middle-class of India while casting their ballot and for them, a change of leadership is the doctor's order.

Are there 'internal' enemies?

Supporters of Modi are suspecting that the letter was deliberately made public at a time when top Congress leaders are not in the country so that they could not be accused of plotting a conspiracy. This letter will undoubtedly help the Congress to find more pre-poll allies. They also suspect that some BJP leaders, not known to be Modi's best friends, are involved in this fiasco.

BJP should look at the long-term gain

The BJP needs to come together now and not waste time pampering the ambition of each leader. This is not going to help the party in the future and another loss in 2014 could see it facing an implosion. But we are familiar with a history that shows people in this country have always pulled back each other, paving way for disaster. The party with a difference seems no different, either.

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