US Presidential elections: Why the Indian economy is unfazed by Trump's victories

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Owing to his power and social stature in the USA, Donald Trump's victory may be imminent. But Indians, you have nothing to worry.

Trump may have a strategy against the immigration policy of USA, he may be against employment being swept away by other nationals, but at the end of the day, US economy is highly dependent on skill sets, especially from India.

Donald Trump

A hard-core Republican, Trump had argued that a large number of H1B visas are being granted to people belonging to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) background. Trump strategises to raise the minimum wage bar of outsourced manpower, which will cost the companies more and in turn reduce outsourcing.

Techies defenceless?

Freshers who are aspiring to work in USA, may be disappointed, if Trump became the President, but the Indian economy will be idifferent. Indian companies, however, will end up acquiring local companies.

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While employment will increase in India, USA will have to saft to find eligible professionals in his own country. Eventually, the States has very low talent pool and depends highly on outsourced labour as there are fewer enginners, doctors or scientists, or even graduates or undergraduates in the US.


Clearly, Trump's sole agenda is to win and that too at any cost. Right now, he is wooing the working class white voters, who are striving to achieve better jobs in the STEM.

New visa system: Blessing in disguise

If barred from entering USA, the Indian talent pool will not go waste. It would also be an economical turn about for India as brain drain will be stalled and the intelligence can be used for the development of the country.


However, the J-1B visa cancelleation that comes with the termination of H1B visas would cause a serious problem. This would put an end to the Indian professionals going on exchange-based educational and cultural programs and later work there.

50-50 chances of win

All said and done, the probability of Trump's victory is questionable for the very fact that 88% of the 1 million Indian-Americans registered voters support Barack obama, who has a more liberal attitude towards India.

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On the flip side, the history of India-US ties during the Republican regime may go in favour of Donald Trump. For instance, Indo-US Nuclear deal of 2005 has taken the bilateral relations between the two countries to a different level. Both of them also share a compatible nuclear deal where both the countries benefit.


Moreover, Donald Trump may prove to be useful for the Indian economy as the political interests and the ideas of the Republican party are shared by India.

Republicans back free trade and encourage foreign investment, visa vie the protectionist democrats. Besides that, the countries have similar understanding when it comes to fighting terrorism.

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Thus, Trump's victory in the US presidential elections hold little significance in the Indian scenario, given the independent nature of the latter's economy.

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