US presidential elections 2016: America witnesses a full scale rejection of political establishment

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The United States is currently witnessing a full scale rejection of political establishment after the New Hampshire primary results were announced on Tuesday.

Billionaire Donald Trump, an outsider, emerged as winner for Republican primary in New Hampshire on February 9 while on the Democratic side self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders pushed former first lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton out by 20 percentage points.

Full scale revolt in US

"We are seeing a full scale rejection of the political establishment. This is a threat that we did not take seriously enough over the past few years, as evidenced by the fact that most rejected Trump as a clown and a joke. His ideas on illegal immigration and placing a temporary ban on Muslims ruffled our national feathers even though a majority of Republican primary voters agreed with him. That's how out of touch our political class has become," stated and opinion peace published in

According to Douglas E Schoen, this results show that there are finally politicians who understand how marginalized, disenfranchised and betrayed a majority of Americans feel. It's both Republicans and Democrats, including the 42 percent of Americans who now identify as independent because they think the two parties don't represent their values and positions.

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Less than 20 percent people in America trust the government always or most of the time. It seems that Americans are living in a time when institutions has been collapsed in US, wrote Doglas citing a survey report.

According to a CNN survey, 60 percent people in US think that American Dream is unachievable today.

Against this backdrop, it's no surprise that America is in revolt. Honesty and trustworthiness matters more than whether a candidate has experience or can win in November according to voters. And the establishment isn't delivering anything resembling what the American populace desires in their political leaders.

"I see a clearer path to the nomination for Trump than for Sanders, but there is no doubt that Americans have spoken and they're done with business as usual," concluded Douglas.

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