US Prez poll: Hillary stands between the idea of 'America' and disaster

By: Shubham Ghosh
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This election season in the United States has been unique. Candidates with revolutionary zeals on both right and Left have taken on the establishment and are forwarding visions that are populist and un-America like.

While Democrat Bernie Sanders has vowed to 'punish' the Wall Street and promote free higher education and cheap healthcare, Republican Donald Trump has aggressively backed the idea of isolating the US from the outer world by erecting walls around it.

Hillary between 'America' & disaster

The others are feeding the common Americans' anger

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In fact, even though candidates like Sanders, Trump and Ted Cruz (also a Republican) belong to the USA's two dominant parties, but they have not hesitated to express their individual opinions that often disapprove of their own party establishments, which is quite a thing in an American election.

One can say these presidential aspirants represent the angry American commoners who have been alienated by the ruling elite over issues like war and economic woes.

But US is not like any other authoritarian regime

This might be a new phase of democracy, not just in the US but around the world where the ruling establishments are struggling to meet aspirations of the empowered middle-class but this could also be an opportunity that seasoned politicians like Hillary Clinton are looking for.

For the likes of Sanders and Trump, it will not be easy for them to drive their ideas home for the country is the United States and not any other authoritarian regime of Asia or Africa. Hillary has kept her campaigning more in alignment with realism, unlike the drastic viewpoints of her rivals, both in her own and the opponent party. The former secretary of state has been also called 'establishment' by her opponents but the latter have not been able to produce convincing alternatives.

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One can't take US back to its isolationist days

For the idea of 'America', it is not easy to revive the isolationist stand today. The ambitious young people may not like politicians like Hillary, considering her to be one of those 'evil politicians' who only think of their own good, but issues like economic reforms, security and foreign policy can be best conducted by the traditional political heads, not revolutionaries. Just compare Arvind Kejriwal in India.

India will also be hoping for a Hillary victory

Hillary will also be the one India would be more assured of, given her experience in foreign affairs and records in establishment. Her husband and former US president Bill Clinton had a good relation with New Delhi and it was during his tenure that Hillary had slammed Pakistan over terrorism.

She had also visited India and Bangladesh in 2012, which according to many observers was a step towards unity in fight against the elements. For New Delhi, the others are unknown and untested and it doesn't know what could come from individuals who preach polarisation.

The US needs a statesman at the helm today to bridge the gaps. If it takes the route of polarisation, disaster won't be far.

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