US-India logistics exchange: Things that you need to know

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In a recent agreement between the India and the US, it has been decided that both the military can use each other's assets and bases for repair and replenishment of supplies.

The memorandum, better known as Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA), was signed on Tuesday between the defence ministries of both the countries.



LEMOA is actually a tweaked version of Logistics Support Agreement (LSA). This facilitates the provision of logistical support, services and supplies between the US Military and the armed forces of partner countries. American aircrafts can now land in Indian airforce base and vice versa for refuelling, repair and other logistics.

No entry in Indian soil

However, the sanction does not allow US troopers to stay on Indian soil. Manohar Parrikar, while signing the memorandum, stressed that this does not entail the Indian government to support any military action by the US government on friendly countries. "We can refuse access to our bases whenever we want," said Parrikar.

Overhauling the influence of UPA regime

The defence minister in the UPA regime-A K Antony- had oppesed the 3 foundational pacts-Logistics Support Agreement, Communication Interoperability and Security Memorandum Agreement (CISMOA) and the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for Geo-Spatial Cooperation (BECA). He argued that the pacts would compromise India's traditional strategic autonomy and would threaten the 'basing rights' of the US.

The current memorandum would be a deviation from the one set by the UPA government.

China cannot be cornered

It was made clear in the memorandum that the pact was only meant for military cooperation and is not a coup against its neighbour China.

Boosting Delhi-Washington ties

The pact will further strengthen the Delhi-Washington military ties. US has been the largest arm supplier to India since 2007. It has bagged the Indian arms contract worth $14 billion. In fact, US and India hold joint military exercise together. IAF fighters and aircraft are on way for Red Flag exercise in Alaska from April 28.


Design collaboration

Aircraft carrier design and technology training between the two countries is probbaly one of the biggest projects since they launched the Defense Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI) in 2012.

India is gearing itself to get rid of a re-tooled Russian-built carrier and is looking forward to the US technology for launching heavier aircraft.

Maritime security

Bolstering the maritime security cooperation, the two states have stepped-up the complexity of its combat exercises and talks on anti-marine warfare. However, there are no intentions of joining patrols in the South China sea or elsewhere. India will stick to its policies.

Make in India gets a boost

With the US technology and acumen, India will start building the sophisticated weapons at home.

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