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Operation Black: Pakistan working on destablising Modi government

By Super

Operation black is the latest from Pakistan which involves a ploy to play a mind game with India. In this unique operation the idea is to target the Prime Minister of India by filing a host of cases against him.

While Modi got summons on arrival at the US in connection with the Gujarat riots case, he can be prepared for several more such cases in the days to come.

ISI working on 'Operation Black' to destabilise Modi government

The Coalition Against Genocide (CAG) is all set to complain against Narendra Modi at the UN Rights Council. This complaint is aimed at embarrassing the Indian government and out of the 46 NGOs which are part of the CAG, the 16 of which are run by Pakistan based Americans are the ones who are pushing this the hardest.

According to an Intelligence Report, 16 out of the 46 NGOs which are part of the CAG are run on Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) money. The ISI has a sum earmarked for these NGOs which are instructed to file such complaints and raise issue particularly against India so that it faces embarrassment.

What Indian agencies say?

According to the Indian agencies, who are watching these developments closely, there is an attempt on to file a complaint and create evidence to show that the Prime Minister of India has not upheld human rights particularly against the people of other religion. The focus would largely be on the Gujarat riots, but to make it look fair there will be a testimony pertaining to the Christian community as well.

'Psychological War' being played by ISI against India

It is part of a psychological war being played by the ISI. The atmosphere is not conducive for them to carry out attacks on the Indian soil as it may be met with utmost resistance. The fact that the new government has been making an effort to spruce up ties with every possible nation especially its neighbours has not gone down too well with the ISI.

The ISI relies a lot of India's enemies and also the fence sitter nations and very often gets away when India lodged a complaint against its activities. A complaint before the UN Human Rights Council would be embarrassing according to the ISI for the Indian government. A complaint of this nature would be discussed and debated and would get a lot of publicity which would put the Indian government in bad light.

ISI's notoriety to use 'Indians against India'

The ISI is extremely particular about this complaint and has been working on it since the past two months. Not only has it activated its NGO's part of the CAG, but has also managed to identify Indians in India who would speak out against Prime Minister Modi and the Indian government.

Estimates by the Intelligence Bureau would show that the ISI has through its NGO's managed to fund and fly out nearly 300 Indians to the US to help create the testimony to be put forth before the UN.

'Operation Black' to break positive vibes with India's neighbouring nations

What is worrying for the ISI is that the new government has been received with a lot of positive vibes by various nations including neighbours like Sri Lanka, China and Nepal. Increasing proximity would be counter productive for the ISI and there is a good chance that over the years Pakistan could stand isolated.

A meeting (black operations) to this effect was held by the ISI in Karachi a week ago. Sources say that the meeting comprised 8 colonels who have been tasked to strategise the course of action. Apart from moving the UNHRC, it was also decided that the ISI would ensue that cases are filed in US courts against individual politicians in India, who are part of the new government.

Pakistan making desperate attempts to embarrass the Indian government

The ISI has also managed to rope in and fund some Sikh activists who would file cases against the handling of the Sikh issue in India. Indian agencies say that in the months to come there is a likelihood of a host of cases being filed in US courts seeking a directive against politicians in India for non-adherence of human rights.

ISI's 'funding' against India

The ISI has decided that it would increase funding in a bid to lure more persons towards this plan. Apart from roping in Indians from India to be part of this process, there is also an attempt to rope in Indians settled in the United Kingdom for this project, sources also said.

The funding for this project continues to remain from the same source which includes smuggling of arms and narcotics as is being done to finance terror operations sponsored by the ISI in India and other parts.

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