Subramanian Swamy is a dangerous rightist-nationalist-majoritarian combo who can hurt PM Modi

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JP leader Subramanian Swamy loves to go after head counts. From tennis star Sania Mirza to RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan to Chief Economic Adviser (CEA) Arvind Subramanian and who not, Swamy is never short of ammunition to target individuals.

The 76-year-old leader's latest diatribe has come against Subramanian though given the man doesn't know where to stop, particularly after the 'victory' he got against Rajan who he did not think to be "fully Indian mentally", the attack on the CEA could be damaging for not just him but the very party and the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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Swamy's rant against qualified people is without any base

Swamy, in his typical rightist-nationalist tone, has held Subramanian as an 'anti-nationalist' who had deposed before the American Congress against India. The man clearly made a healthy critique of India's economy in 2013 but Swamy only chose to highlight what the mass consumes the best: the us and them of nations.

At a time when India is getting closer to US, taking narrow nationalist stands serves no purpose

The senior BJP leader has attacked the CEA at a time when the PM himself has walked an extra mile to better ties with the US and there are ample chances of a small issue here and there cropping up in the financial relations between the two countries that are owing increasingly complex for the better.

If anybody, thoroughly trained in the subject, takes a critical stand on things, the politician called Subramanian Swamy will at once revive the nationalist sentiment to play a dirty politics marked by paranoia.

Swamy only knows to don the mantle of a paranoid nationalist when he makes these attacks against trained individuals like Subramanian and Rajan and doesn't care to undertake any research work.

All to remain in Modi's good books?

Swamy, who had earned a goodwill by carrying out relentless fight against corruption and caring little for stands that are politically correct, has continued with his style may be to remain in the good books of the current establishment and get a political reward, but the overdoing of things now poses a threat to the very NDA (Subramanian was appointed as the CEA during Modi's rule).

Swamy keeps Internet Bhakts happy by constantly attacking minorities

Swamy, parallel to his rant against highly qualified people like Rajan and Subramanian, also caters to his Hindutva Bhakt followers on the social media by constantly speaking on things that comfort the majoritarian sentiments---like setting up the Ram Temple, disenfranchisement of the Muslims, resolving the Kashmir issue by 2019 or backing Asaram Bapu saying the steps against him is an attack on Hindu gurus.

Nationalist, rightist, majoritarian---a dangerous combo that is Swamy

The combination of the nationalist, rightist and majoritarian (besides the Muslims, Swamy has spoken equally against homosexuals) has made Swamy an unguided missile which can end up destroying all sides, including his own.

Subramanian Swamy has somewhere merged an individual's paranoia with an entire party's stand and that is not a healthy sign for a democracy. If PM Modi reins in him now, it is well and good, or else he could be a sword which cuts both ways.

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