Scottish referendum, a nonsense, says the world

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Edinburg, Sept 19: The Scottish Referendum has rattled the world in the last few days, especially Europe and USA. The reasons to be worried about were different and so were the approaches to convince the Scottish citizens to vote against the motion.

The defensive USA

While British Prime Minister David Cameron broke into tears, 'begging' people to understand the economic and the social implications, the USA news agencies sent out strong messages to condemn the move toward bifurcation.

The New York Times burst out saying,"Scots, what the heck?". In fact, columnist Paul Krugman warned Scottish citizens: "Be afraid, be very afraid."

Call it the apprehension of losing out the backing of UK in the Iraq war or a economic crackdown, USA did not see the bifurcation in a very good light.

The indifferent Germany

Let's turn a little East, Germany seemed least interested and bothered with the movement. However, the media woke up suddenly with Die Welt newspaper, which said 'separatism' is a virus that is spreading through Europe.

It came out blatantly saying,"All Europeans are thinking: we really have other problems."

Der Spiegel and the Süddeutsche Zeitung, however had more sober reactions as they discussed the economic consequences if the division took place in the first place. Nevertheless, the German Left were more proactive in supporting the referandum for "shaking up the complacency of the London establishment@, according to a report by the guardian.

India finds a local link

India did not know how to react. Despite knowing the repurcussions, it changed views according to the changing situation. Financial newspaper, the Mint, chose to offer lessons to India instead. It advised the Indian government to federalise the state and not centralise it, which will avert situations like Jammu and Kashmir.

Of course, the repurcussions would have been difficult to handle, espesially the economic and the nuclear aspect of it, but it is to be noted that Scotland has already taken a step forward to break the 300-year old alliance and it may have very good reasons for that. High time, that Britan saved itself from a major fallout before it is too late.

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