Saharanpur riots: Why panel report puts Narendra Modi Government in dock

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Saharnpur riots
Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his maiden Independence Day speech expressed serious worry about the communalism and violence, but it seems the same is not being religiously followed by fellow members of the party.

Hardly a day passes when provocative statements not being given by party associates.

The way RSS, VHP, and some hardliner party MP are giving the reckless statements that is seriously a big concern for the communal harmony of our country.

Prime Minister might have a good intention but that needs to be turned into action by censuring such unruly party members. Otherwise Opposition's charge that BJP is giving fuel to communal fire will automatically be vindicated. 

Panel report indicts BJP MP in Saharanpur riots

The Uttar Pradesh government's probe report has accused a local BJP MP Raghav Lakhanpal of inciting Saharanpur riots which had left three dead on July 26.

The panel report has sparked a political slugfest amongst various political parties.

Raising finger at the sanctity of the report, BJP termed it a ploy to score brownie point ahead of State bypoll, scheduled for September 13.

Speaking about the panel report, Samajwadi Party's national general secretary Naresh Agarwal said, "The report has been submitted by the committee to chief minister which names a BJP MP besides pointing out laxity of administrative officers".

Agarwal further states, "As the role of a BJP MP has also come to the fore, we can say that the party (BJP) has a role in the Saharanpur incident".

BJP shot back and attacked Akhilesh Government for maligning the party. "When there is an administrative failure, then how is BJP responsible for the clashes", party spokesman Vijay Bahadur Pathak said questioning the findings.

The Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that he didn't want to comment on the report of the political party.

Why Modi led BJP is in dock?

It might be a possibility that SP Government has tried to show saffron party in bad light, but later shouldn't peep into within for recent spates of events.

The way BJP men are giving irresponsible statements that raise a lot of questions about their intention. 

While discussing the issue of communal riot in the Parliament, the BJP MP Yogi Adityanath had said, "There is a conspiracy against the Hindu way of life and the people are uniting against this. Hindutva is a symbol of Indian nationalism. The Hindu religion does not allow the superiority of any one religion. Even Muslims who go for Haj are known as Hindus".

Then check these recent statements of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat.

While speaking on the occasion of Krishna Janamashtami in Mumbai, Bhagwat on Sunday said, "Hindustan is a Hindu nation...Hindutva is the identity of our nation and it (Hinduism) can incorporate others (religions) in itself".

This declaration has come close on the heels of last week controversial statements in Cuttack. RSS chief had said, "The cultural identity of all Indians is Hindutva and the present inhabitants of the country are descendants of this great culture".

Other Hindu organization VHP is also renowned for giving such controversial statements.

Last month only president of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) had stocked controversy with his statement. In a veiled attack to minority he had said, "Aap Gujarat bhul gaye honge, par aapko Muzaffarnagar yaad hoga". 

"If you set Hanuman's tail on fire, Lanka will burn. The Godhra incident led to the Gujarat riots, and the alleged rape of a Hindu girl led to the Muzaffarnagar riots", said Togadia, while addressing a press conference at Indore.

According to an Indian express more than 600 communal riots have taken place in UP after BJP took the power in their hand.
And the party is obviously to be blamed for the way their leaders are giving the statements without facing the music.

What Modi said on Independence Day?

As quoted by PMO, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, "Brothers and sisters, for one reason or the other, we have had communal tensions for ages. This led to the division of the country. Even after Independence, we have had to face the poison of casteism and communalism. How long these evils will continue? Whom does it benefit? We have had enough of fights, many have been killed. Friends, look behind and you will find that nobody has benefited from it. Except casting a slur on Mother India, we have done nothing.

Therefore, I appeal to all those people that whether it is the poison of casteism, communalism, regionalism, discrimination on social and economic basis, all these are obstacles in our way forward. Let`s resolve for once in our hearts, let`s put a moratorium on all such activities for ten years, we shall march ahead to a society which will be free from all such tensions. And you will see that how much strength we get from peace, unity, goodwill and brotherhood. Let`s experiment it for once".

Time to crack the whip on 'extremists'

Even during the election campaigning he exhorted about the inclusive politics and "Sabka Sath and Sabka Vikas". He always talked about the developmental politics.

The BJP's thumping victory in the Lok Sabha poll is the big proof that the people of the country want constructive politics not destructive one.

But, recent reckless statements by party coterie will definitely dampen party's credibility among minority community.

Such rhetoric will jeopardize the Government's bet to induce the sense of confidence amongst Muslims.

It is high time for Centre to walk the talk and start cracking the whip on extremists, if they are found giving divisive statements which disturbs India's communal harmony.

They should be punished irrespective of their caste, religion, region and language.

Also, the Narendra Modi Government should make attempts to win hearts of the minority communities by giving their long pending dues and by ensuring that it doesn't merely end up doing appeasement politics like the erstwhile UPA government.

The BJP needs to send out message loud and clear to all its ground workers that don't ever use power as license for any type of misdemeanor.

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