SAARC Summit: Nawaz Sharif's 'unfinished' speech, jarring ironies and a lull before the storm

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Kathmandu, Nov 26:Speaking of a progressive nation and building healthy relations with the SAARC nations, Nawaz Sharif has opened Pakistan's bilateral relations with the neighboring countries for analysis.

Indeed, one can find as many contradictions in his speech as the attitude of his country toward India.

As a matter of fact, he did not have much to say apart from sharing 'pleasantries' and warm greetings on the dias. It seemed, as if he wanted to avoid questions on the relations he shared with his neighbours and whether the latter were satisfied with it or not. Incidentally, unlike India, he did not even bother to mention it in his speech.

What was Modi-Sharif's SAARC standoff?

Peace and information sharing

Ironically, be it the case of Mumbai terror attacks in 2008 or the present condition of the Line of Control, Pakistan knows it all. Investigations reveal how India negotiated with the evidences with Pakistan and sought their support in helping them get a detailed insight into the attack. While Pakistan denied its involvement initially, it was bound to agree to the facts on providing video and call records. On being pressurised by the UN and the US, it was forced to arrest a few Pakistani nationals, who were released later.

It was also deciphered that the strategy and the weapons used in the attack required high-quality training and high-profile support. Kasab's recorded confession indemnifies that ISI was attached to the attack. On the face of it, Pakistan's courts are still dragging the case registered on the accused and postponing their trial.

Information was shared, but no action was taken. Ironically, Nawaz Sharif said in his address,"My vision is for South Asia,instead of fighting each other, we must jointly fight poverty, malnutrition."

19th SAARC Summit in Pakistan?

The idea may have been well appreciated in a normal situation, but with incessant internal clashes and terror attacks, the idea seems to be a mistake.

Add to it the anomalies of the government in addressing the problems of international terror and border issues.

The Kashmir standing

"The theme is most appropriate & reflects our common desire in reaching out to get a win-win situation"; of course, when you have a goal that enters into a different territory, the goals will be similar.

Kashmir issue is a case in point. While Pakistan fights for the rest of the valley, Indians fight to win the share that belongs to it. As a result, more deaths and destruction.

Today, Kashmir is probably the most disturbed part of the country, thanks to the Sharif government who are too bothered with the 'greater good of the people' here.

Unfortunately, for Pakistan none of its Kashmir pleas in front of the United Nations of the US were entertained.

A lull before the storm

The silence between the two leaders had something else to say. While Pakistan was not willing to step down on the terror front, despite repeated demands for action, India may have already chosen its way out of the situation at the border and it need not be discussed.

It is rather surprising to see how Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Indian PM Narendra Modi met this time without sharing any pleasantries or gifts for that matter.

On an overall, the SAARC summit was more of a litmus test to show whether the bilateral efforts between India and Pakistan have turned green or is seeing 'red' after the recent incidents.

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