Parliament act: Did Rahul Gandhi mean to say that he isn't sleeping any more?

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Rahul Gandhi's wake-up game
The ruckus created by the Congress under the leadership of party Vice-President Rahul Gandhi in the Lower House of the Parliament demanding discussion on the rising cases of communal riots in Uttar Pradesh and the ongoing row over the UPSC examinations drove home the point that the grand-old party's ego has been hurt beyond repair.

On Wednesday, soon after the Lower House began its daily operation, the Congress MPs led by Rahul Gandhi and backed by other Opposition parties began to raise slogans and sought introduction of the bill against communal violence.

Congress's sudden acceleration shows how much frustrated it is without the LoP position

The parliamentarians thronged to the well of the House and even pressurised Speaker Sumitra Mahajan to suspend the Question Hour so that the debate on communal tensions could be initiated. The Congress vice-president alleged that the Opposition is not allowed to speak in the House and also accused the speaker to be biased and took an indirect dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying only one person is heard in the parliament.

Rahul might also feel frustrated that the PM's post is no more under his control

The Congress's 'suddenly-on-fifth-gear' approach on the twin issues has spoken more about its growing frustration of not getting the post of the Leader of Opposition (LoP) than the issues in question. By storming the well and indirectly targetting the prime minister, what exactly was Rahul Gandhi trying to prove?

Even a Gandhi now resorting to drama for media's consumption

It is because of our sensationalist mainstream media that the contemporary Indian democracy has become a hub of drama and the politicians can not ignore the temptation of indulging in non-sense acts to win some public sympathy. It is a pity that a leader from India's most famed political family, too, has now jumped into the circus to stay relevant in the competition.

Why India didn't see Rahul in the same form when UP was burning during the UPA days?

Riots are not new in Uttar Pradesh and neither are problems in day-to-day Indian life? How many times have Rahul Gandhi joined the mission to eradicate the endless ills that the people of this nation have been facing when his own party was in power for an entire decade? Apart from dumping his own prime minister to protect his own image, did the Gandhi scion ever say anything against governments that failed to take action against pressing problems, be it the Congress, Samajwadi Party or Trinamool Congress? This time, he has found a nice little opportunity to attack Modi and not the actual problems.

Only one voice is being heard? At least now it is that of the PM

What did Rahul Gandhi mean by saying that only one voice is heard in the Parliament? India is at least fortunate that only the voice of the prime minister is being heard post May 26, 2014, and not of the invisible power centres who toyed with the honour of the world's largest democracy.

If Rahul Gandhi is indeed so worried about the 'dictatorial' tendencies he is complaining about, let us remind him that it is not the first time that such an outcome is being witnessed in Indian politics. And moreover, is Rahul Gandhi feeling intimidated by the fact that the current prime minister is no more under his control?

The same Rahul Gandhi had politicised the Muzaffarnagar riots ahead of the LS polls

The entire country had seen how Rahul Gandhi had failed to address the horrible situation in Muzaffarnagar after the riots broke out there last year. He even tried to politicise the issue by dragging the ISI angle only to mess it up more. He was even shown black flags in Muzaffarnagar by riot victims, something which later fuelled a political war between the ruling SP in UP and the Congress.

Did Rahul visit Assam, the constituency of his prime minister?

The Congress-led UPA government had completely failed to restore normalcy in either UP or Assam, both of which had seen riots during its tenure. How many times did Rahul Gandhi address the parliament on those issues to counter the Opposition's attacks?

Under presence of the party and 'sleeping leader' tag forced Rahul to show his new avatar

Rahul Gandhi is not only frustrated with the Congress contingent in the parliament (only 42 of them apart from himself and his mother) but he is also desperate to shed the tag of a 'sleeping leader' after pictures of his dozing off in the Parliament went viral and was ridiculed at all quarters.

Now, the 44-year-old leader is back on his toes and stormed the well to draw attention of the maximum number of cameras.

But the man could have done it in a smarter way by engaging with the prime minister. But having said that, Rahul Gandhi has hardly fulfilled our expectations.

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