But Rahul baba, didn't Modiji bring back the fishermen?..and the selfies?

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Bengaluru, May 27: Rahul Gandhi has managed to make fun of himself yet again. His visit to the fishermen community in Trissur, doning his "common man" flagstaff, is mere evidence of his ignorance as the path has already been treaded by a very senior member- Narendra Modi-of the opposition party.

Rahul, now that you have heaped allegations at our Prime Minister and his party, let us argue his stance.

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul, said that the NDA government is after their lands and sea. But, was is not for Modi that the ccaptive fishermen from Tamil Nadu in Sri Lanka were released? You could argue that these were Tamil fishermen and not from Kerala. We have two questions here: Is the sea different for the fishermen in different states or will the PM behave differently with fishermen of other states?

The land bill is something that your government could not implement in its tenure. Now staying out of it, you could expect the moon. True, that MNREGA was a successful scheme, but did you never justified the delay in payments or even non-payments.

Gandhi was seen sharing candid moments with students here. The familiar selfie sessions reminded one of Narendra Modi on his three-day tour to Asia where he clicked selfies with the people unhesitantly. Interaction with people is a way of learning about them, clicking pics with them too draws you toward them, but coming back for fish unch again may not be taken in good spirits, unless you have answers. Remember, the last time you had food at a villager's house in Amethi and never turned back?

(P.S: Now, do not forget the way to Kerala and land in Barbados for introspection and then out of the next elections)

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