Spare the drama and the dialogues for the soap operas Mr Rahul Gandhi

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At a rally in Jharkhand, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi slammed the Modi-government , saying that Narendra Modi had promised acche din before the elections, but there are not signs of it yet.

This however is not the first time that we have heard Rahul spit fire at Narendra Modi or the BJP.  Two days back when slums of Vasant Kunj were demolished leaving close to 900 people homeless, Rahul hit out at the Centre and said: "if they want to use the bulldozer again, let them drive it over my body."

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But what we fail to realise (and probably Rahul Gandhi too doesn't realise) is that how do such statements help the common man?

Powerful statements but no effect

While the 'buldozer statement' seemed like a powerful one, we kept thinking, why would anyone want to run a buldozer over the Congress Vice President? Too dramatic a statement, we think!

Surely we understand the plight of those now rendered homeless, but instead of making such statements, Rahul probably can do something meaningful for the homeless people. Agreed that many did criticise the move by the government, but what Rahul said was not just funny but disappointing as well.

Rahul detests Swachh Bharat campaign

Similarly Rahul slammed Narendra Modi's 'Swachh Bharat' campaign saying that 'they made tall promises before the election but now they have given a broom in your hand.' Rahul said at a rally in Jamshedpur on Friday, Nov 28 that the 'PM was out on foreign soujourn and here we are with brooms in our hand.' He even termed the campaign a 'marketing gimmick' , which is not really constructive.

To think about it, holding a broom and cleaning your surrounding is actually not a bad idea.

Why Rahul Gandhi's dialogues

If the PM has a vision of a clean India by 2019 and wants the country to do well in every aspect, atleast give him a chance and don't slam him immediately, after all 'all good things come to those who wait.'

Yes, it may take years for people to realise and some may not even realise the dirt around, but instead of hitting out at the government, people would appreciate if Rahul actually provided some constructive criticism.

Rahul forgets many promises his party made when in power

While his open challenge to the government to run a buldozer may have fallen flat, what Rahul doesn't realise is that his party, which was in power for ten years, never provided any permanent settlement for the slum dwellers.

We think it is time that Rahul Gandhi left all the 'dialogues' and the drama to the soap operas, who seem to do justice to both.


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