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Anti-India rally: Know what govt should do to defeat separatist and their con agenda


Kashmiri Separatists have once again proved that they hold Pakistan in high regards over India. The way they chanted anti-India slogans during a rally in Srinagar is an evidence that they don't deserve any leeway from Indian government.

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Recently Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Government in Jammu and Kashmir ordered to free Masarat Alam, arrested in 2010 summer unrest case, hoping its gesture will be respected upon. Masarat was freed even after coalition partner BJP opposed the move.

Separatists needed to be defeated

The BJP accused the State government of not consulting it before taking the crucial decision. But see how Alam and his comrades have responded to PDP's friendly gesture.

Alam even dared India to arrest him for his pro-Pak rhetoric

Justifying his act of waving Pakistani flag during rally, he said, "People here have sentiments in favour of Pakistan, they brought Pak flags and I am in complete support of their feelings".

Reportedly he has been arrested now. Showing least remorse for his act, Masarat said, "Let them (government) do whatever they want to. We will carry on with what we are doing".

Though Alam is now in jail for acting against 'law of the land', but question is how long will he remain there.
One wonders how both PDP-BJP coalition government will deal with separatists and their con agenda in days ahead.

What separatists said in the rally

Reportedly, Alam and his guru Syed Ali Shah Geelani were exhorting crowd to cheer about Pakistan. Both were ranting about India and raving about Pakistan. It is being said that PM Modi was slammed at the rally as well.

Prime Minister was slammed saying that his hands are soaked in blood. People in the rally were cheering and applauding them as if they (separatists) will change all their woes. 'Hail Pakistan', 'We want Pakistan' were the words used to fan anti-India sentiments at the rally. Shockingly, the rally was seen live in many parts of Pakistan.

How ideologically different PDP-BJP government will meet this challenge?

Both PDP-BJP forged alliance in the State after moving to the middle grounds. Despite ideological differences, both decided to come along with common minimum programme. It was decided that the government will try to resolve all the contentious issue within constitutional frame work.

But within days after taking over CM post, Mufti started tilting towards separatists and Pakistan. Mufti gave many controversial statements and even gave Pakistan credits for peaceful election in the State to demanding terrorist Afzal Guru's mortal remains.

His repeated posturing towards separatists raised many questions. Was it a deliberate exercise?

Even if it was a planned strategy, then a pertinent question arises whether it will really bear fruits. Looking at the Masarat episode one can easily say that Mufti Government's plan has boomeranged.

anti-india rally

Separatists needed to be exposed

Masarat and his ilk will continue such acts till their support base is not hijacked. Separatists get moral support from local people for practising repeated audacities. It is high time government starts taking people as well as separatists into confidence saying rabble rousing attitude will not make a quality change in their life.

People must be made to understand that separatists are having their own vested interests and you all are being used as mere pawn in this political game.

Where were they (separatists) when people had tough time during Kashmir flood?

There are ample proofs to cement the claims that separatists least care about common people in the valley. One needs to ask them where were these 'Separatists' when flood had ravaged them. These so called well wishers of valley didn't even come out from their comfy homes to help marooned flood victims.

A report even claimed that Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chief Yasin Malik had snatched a boat meant for rescuing hapless victims.

PDP-BJP government should win confidence of Aam janta

Now, BJP is in power in State as well as at the Centre. Putting all the ideological differences aside, both the governments should focus to improve things in the J&K valley. Pakistan or separatists thrive in
these troubled part of State just because people are having less amenities which force them to take anti-India stand.

If they will get what all they need, both separatist and Pakistan will not be able to fish in the troubled waters.
Time is ripe PDP-BJP alliance listens to the grievances and agony of the people of Jammu and Kashmir patiently and solve them within stipulated time frame.

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