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Sorry, PM Modi has not said anything anti-India in China; we are distorting facts

By Shubham
Google Oneindia News

Dear Indian media, let's not distort the facts. Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not say anything during his speech addressing the Indian diaspora in Shanghai that amounts to insulting India and its people. [#ModiInsultsIndia trends on India]

PM Modi made a casual remark on pessimism that engulfed India; he didn't insult India

The Indian prime minister said casually that Indians were feeling pessimistic about their own country till recently but his government has tried its best during its first year in office to change that. It was produced in the mainstream media as "Earlier, you felt ashamed of being born Indian" which is by no means true.


The left-liberal media distorted it to belittle the PM who belongs to the right-wing camp

The tone of pessimism was deliberately distorted to a national insult to belittle the Indian prime minister. There is no doubt that the plan was a product of the left-liberal Indian mind, which in itself is never patriotic in nature.

Modi's nationalism is not Nehruvian nationalism

Modi belongs to a political camp that believes in cultural nationalism, a flavour that sees India as a distinct entity that has a uniqueness of its own. Unlike the Nehruvian nationalism which is more liberal in form, Modi represents the camp that thrives for a more aggressive national uplift.

Media ignored PM's positive talks on India and highlighted the casual talks

To advertise his variety, there is no surprise if Modi makes a casual comparison with the pessimism that had existed in Nehru's India after his liberal/territorial nationalism was left wounded in the 1962 war with China. But to distort the remark and say that Modi insulted his own nation abroad is an unpardonable crime.

Modi also spoke about national pride in Shanghai; why did we ignore that?

Modi had also said during his Shanghai speech that we must have pride in our own country for unless we show pride in ourselves, nobody else will. This media conveniently ignored and edited this point and presented just one part of the story for public consumption and stoke reactions against Modi.

The Congress's criticism doesn't stand for it has ruled the country for most part

The Congress slammed the PM over the point but the grand-old party can not really overlook the way it had run the country for the most part since Independence. PM Modi surely did not do it right by making a political statement during his speech in Canada where he said earlier India was known for its corruption.

That was certainly a statement against the political opponents but his remark in China was more of a casual one and not purely political. So no wisdom lies in generalising every word that Modi is uttering abroad and categorising them as anti-national. [Sorry PM, your remark in Canada was a political one]

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