Sorry PM Modi, your "Scam India" remark in Canada was a political one; it wasn't required

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday had kept a 8,000-strong audience, mostly Indo-Canadians, entertained with his one-hour-long speech at the Ricoh Colesium in Toronto in Canada. He was at his oratorical best while showcasing his country's strength on the foreign soil. ['Modi has hurt his position']

"Scam India" remark was absolutely unnecessary

But Modi, may be out of over-enthusiasm, made a remark which did not do any good to his nation's image abroad. The prime minister, while stressing India's advantage as a young nation and the necessity to equip its young force with the necessary skills, said India was earlier known as "Scam India" but he now dreams to make his country "Skill India" and give basic importance to skill development. [#ModiInCanada a big hit among Indian diaspora]


Modi's excellent ideas to see a "Skill India" were marred by that political remark

He said he wants to map the world to see which country need what kind of skilled worker. He also said he wants to bring the best skill development opportunities from across the globe. [President Obama calls Modi India's reformer-in-chief]

He stressed the value of job-creation rather than job-seeking. The PM also made a mention about the dignity of labour and the need to value it.

Modi's dreams sounded healthy but for that remark. Was it indeed necessary for the leader to make a political statement on a stage where he was playing the role of a statesman? Was it necessary to use the term "Scam India" just to show the contradiction with "Skill India"?

What has scam to do with skill?

There is hardly any connection between scam and skill apart from the fact thet both begin with the letter 'S'. And is scam India's only identity from the past?

Modi compared his & the previous govt in building roads, was it required at all?

Modi looked more in a mood to belittle the government that preceded him by calling it corrupt but does a corrupt government mean that an entire country is corrupt? PM Modi should have given it a second thought before making a petty point.

Why should Modi mock his previous government? He is still a popular leader

Is it required for Modi to prove his greatness by mocking his predecessor's under-performance? He has been doing really good in the foreign affairs domain since taking over in May last year and fast emerged as a leader with the potential of the statesman. He has covered almost the entire globe in the last 11 months and have made powerful states like the USA and China spare more thoughts for India.

India is not just about scams and politics but much more

It was unfortunate to see such a leader speak negatively about his own country's past on the foreign soil. Scam has been an inseparable part of Indian politics since independence. And the idea of India is much bigger than what politics suggests. On the other hand, India has always been blessed with skilled labourers. It was just that it hasn't succeeded in utilising the resources in the best possible manner.

Jugglery with words is welcome but it shouldn't do a disservice to the nation's image in front of the world.

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