Pakistan lobs K bomb: Dear Nawaz, get your house in order, raking controversy will not gain anything

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Nawaj sharif
Pakistan's obsession of Kashmir is well known. Days after implicitly supporting the referendum talk in Kashmir, stubborn Pakistan once again broached the contentious issue in UN General Assembly.

Raking up long time conflict, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaj Sharif put onus on India saying that by canceling recent Foreign Secretary-level talks the Modi Government missed the opportunity. As if in that FS meeting, Kashmir issue would have resolved.

Though, reason is well evident why Shariff has mouthed this statement because of the political heat he is facing from various quarters ISI, Army and Imran Khan's PTI party. Moreover, he wants to distract Modi who is on cusp of creating new history in India-US relationship.

Hollow talk of fighting against terrorism

Saying that his country is fighting with terrorism which is being "planted" on its soil, he pledged his war against this scourge. "We condemn terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. Our valiant soldiers are laying down their lives to take out terrorists and tear down their evil networks. The entire nation is behind them," PM said.

The manner in which Sharif has spoken on various subjects from Kashmir to terrorism in UN, it seems he has this clear agenda to win sympathy of international communities, though he will not succeed in that.

Shariff told 193-member countries of the General Assembly that a "veil" cannot be drawn over the "core" issue of Kashmir. "Our support and advocacy of the right to self-determination of the people of Jammu and Kashmir is our historic commitment and a duty, as a party to the Kashmir dispute," he said.

Ceasefire violations a regular affair

Underlining the fact that Pakistan always wants to resolve the conflict and it is India who doesn't like to travel middle ground, Sharif said, "Pakistan is convinced that we must remain engaged in the dialogue process for settling disputes and building economic and trade relations. Let us not ignore the dividends of peace".

But then someone must remind him that it is Pakistan who has this history of backstabbing and proxy war is continued unabated till date. According to reports, this has gone to record level in recent time and one is not naïve to understand that it is being executed with tacit support of ISI. Not only that, Pakistan gives red carpet treatment to terrorists i.e 26/ 11 accused Hafiz Saeed and Dawood Ibrahim.

Recently only Pakistan High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit audaciously said, "As there is no proof against him and as Pakistani national he is free to roam around. So what is the problem...He is a free citizen so there is no issue as far as Pakistan is concerned".

The Modi Government went extra miles and invited Shariff during former's swearing in ceremony. But how Pakistan responded? How can anyone tolerate when someone will develop bonhomie with one's enemy. When India had warned them that not to meet separatists, why they went ahead with that. Moreover, everyone knows how Pakistan encourages terrorism in Kashmir.

No action against Hafiz Saeed and even helping JUD

Abdul Basit, it's not that there is no evidence against world's most wanted terrorist but truth of the matter is Pakistan Government ignores evidences and doesn't want to arrest him just for their own vested interests.

Otherwise how without any proof United States recently named Saeed as a terrorist and his organisation Jamat-ud-Dawa as terrorist organisation.

Before that in 2001, the US had declared LeT as Foreign Terrorist Organisation and in 2012, the same country had declared $ 10 million bounty against Hafiz Saeed. Are all these actions has been taken without any proof.

Instead acting tough against Saeed who spews venom every second day, the Government has been providing monetary aide to JuD to bolster their misdemeanor against India. The PML-N Government of Punjab province, headed by Shahbaz Sharif(Brother of Nawaj) allocated Rs 6.1 crore to the organisation in the 2013 budget.

Similarly, in 2010-2011, 2009-2010 an amount of Rs 7.98 and Rs 8.2 crore was handed over by giving the reason that Islam seminary spends this money on development and social welfare schemes.

J & K people expressed their wish in recent elections

Over the years Pakistan has nurtured this con agenda to make free Kashmir from the Indian control. With this hawk eye approach, Pakistan wants referendum in Kashmir. Though they know that majority of the people will go for Independent State, but their motive is only to fan terrorism in State not the welfare of people.

Moreover, commoners of the State want to remain with the Union of India and big turnout( more than 60) in recent Lok Sabha poll is big proof of that. Pakistan backed separatists have their vested interests in pushing up this referendum agenda and that is why they keep on inciting people of the State.

It is pitiable that some innocent people fall victim of this propaganda of these so called well wishers of valley and their across the border friends. Kashmiri people needs growth and development and that could only be provided by stable and democratic country India. Pakistani Government can't afford the wholesome lives for their own people, how they will help these Kashmiris that can be well imagined. Pakistan economy has hit the nadir, basic amenities like food, water, electricity and health care are beyond the reach of common men.

They can't put these things in order, how they will help these innocent Kashmiri. People of the State expressed their desire in loud and clear manner that tthey want to remain in India and it's is their motherland.

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