Nirbhaya case: Convicts quiet, nation rejoices

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New Delhi, Sept 13: While justice was restored in a crisp and what seemed to be a pre-determined decision, the four convicts kept mum, as if they have been awaiting their fate. Convict Vinay Sharma, however, burst out crying "Sirji, sirji", pleading for mercy for the last time.

With the death sentence of the four convicts, the nation responded with mixed feelings. Activists, students, the police and even the politicians have supported the sentencing, barring few including the defence counsel AP Singh.

Passing the death sentence, judge Yogesh Khanna said that one cannot turn a blind eye to such gruesome incidents. The judgement should be a lesson for the perpetrators of such crime.

Accolading the judgement, the prosecution said that independence of judiciery has been proved. Suffiecient evidence had been provided and there was no reason for mercy.

Nirbhaya's parents were thankful to the judiciary, the government and the people who stood by them at the time of crisis-supporting the medication of their daughter in her last few days. They said this even when the court room was thundering with never-ending applauses.

The overwhelming emotions inside the court room reverberated outside too. As protestors supported the move with great enthusiasm, they said that justice was not complete yet. Demanding the death sentence of the juvenile, one of the protestors said ,"if he was capable of such henious crime at a young age, what will he do when he grows up? A person with such brutality can never be pardoned."

The idea echoed though the elite circles too. While social activists debated whether 'death sentence' was justified, former IPS officer Kiran Bedi welcomed the move saying this has revolutionized judiciary and the mindset of the people.

Home minister Sushilkumar Shinde too appreciated the efforts of the media, the public and the Delhi police to bring justice to the deceased. Adding to the picture of the entire judicial system, he said that all pending cases of death sentence have been cleared by the ministry, but are stuck at various levels of different courts.

He also confirmed that the judgement and the case has brought to light the loopholes in the FIR registration system. Following which, gross reformations like presence of woman police officer while registering the case and fast track registration have been implemented.

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