Nepal is not Yemen, please prioritise rescuing quake-hit & not just 'evacuating Indians'

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Indians stranded in Nepal after a devastating earthquake hit the country were reportedly turning impatient to return home at once. They were found cribbing about lack of amenities at the airport and the news channels were making use of the ansgt to add to the chaos. [#NepalEarthquake victims cry for help, what you can do?]

Those who got stuck in the quake-hit country should understand that things can not be turned around magically. It is foolish to expect the embassy officials to come to them individually and take care of things. Rather, it is the duty of the individuals concerned to pursue the officials to get details about their safe return. [Nepal earthquake: Day 3 updates]

Rescue op: Nepal is not Yemen

The Indian and Nepalese authorities were doing their best to help the foreigners stuck in the situation. It is not right to show them in bad light and create a nuisance while everything else is in doldrums. [Nepal earthquake took place on eve of Charles Richter's 115th birth anniversary]

Why stress more on evacuating Indians than rescuing quake-hit?

Another important point. Why are we stressing so much on "evacuating Indians" to describe the relief operation in Nepal? What has happened in Nepal is a natural disaster and not some ethnic or political warfare. Hence, unlike in Yemen or Iraq, the emphasis in Nepal should be on rescuing the quake-hit and not just providing a happy return ticket to just Indians just because they have an overwhelming presence in the neighbouring country.

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