Modi's 'small'-talk wins over NRIs; Famous quotes and Madison event facts

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Narendra Modi
"I am a very small man and I like doing small things for small people": A quote that won Modi innumerable hearts and appreciations in USA's Madison Square Garden. Twitter went abuzz with many quarters of the world. From industrialists to educationists, people knew that the future was bright.

But there were a certain few other things that implied how magnificent and huge the event was. Barring the awestruck audience, Narendra Modi's speech at the Madison Square Garden revealed facts about the man and his ideas. He was an open book and evoked that sense of responsibility and pride in the Indians there. AS he discussed trade and investment in India by NRIs, he also offered sops that will help them stay connected to their 'motherland'.

Here are a certain few takeaways:

The Madison Square Garden: One of the most famous and expensive auditoriums in USA, the Madison Square was already flooding with Indian audience. It should also be mentioned that it hosted some of the world's most famous personalities-The Beatles, Elton John, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson.

Event facts: All the tickets had been sold out, which meant that the auditorium housing 20,000 people was jam-packed. The guest lists included big faces like Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Indra Nooyi of Pepsico, The Dean of Harvard School, The congressmen and senators are a few to mention.

No wonder, this gathering was considered the biggest-ever Indian gathering in US.

What Narendra Modi said to NRIs: [Read explainers]

1. Indians here have raised India's image; we are not a bunch of snake charmers, "Our ancestors played with the snakes but we now play with the mouse", he further added.

2. Winning an election is not just about securing a seat to sit on, it is about a responsibility to fulfill

3. India has three unique D's-Democracy, Democratic Dividend, and Demand. "With these three D's in India combined, nothing is going to stop this country from being a huge success," he further added.

4. There is development only when people participate

5. I have decided that I will make toilets, whatever may people think. I have a had a small background and I believe in working for small issues for small people.

6. What did we give Gandhi? "If I meet Gandhiji sometime, what will I tell him? "Gandhi had two favourite things- Freedom and Cleanliness. Gandhi has given us freedom, can we not give cleanliness? Can we not give a clean, pure nation for a man who gave us this independence?! Well, looks like we all have a lot of roles to play, for this is our nation and we owe it to the nation!", he added

7. There is no reason to be disappointed. India will progress very fast and the skills of our youth will take India ahead

Indeed, Modi has set the change in momentum, especially when the silent media in USA could be seen jumping into action after the Modi speech at Madison. "Madison is now Modison, he has become a phenomena."

As Nirmala Sitharaman truely pointed out in her Tweet,"Narendra Modi's speech at Madison will be remembered,recalled and referred to for a very very long time to come. Historic & noteworthy."

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