Narendra Modi is back to his election avatar, thanks to beef

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Narendra Modi may have been holding Zuckerberg tight and addressing NRIs in USA last week, but he is back to his old avatar during the election time, luring voters with his oratory skills. As Bihar gears up for the upcoming elections, the main agenda of debate between the parties is beef. Thus follows the chaos and Modi is no exception.

Targetting Lalu Prasad Yadav over his 'Hindus also eat beef' remark, Modi said that he was insulting the people of Bihar, particularly the community that he belongs to. A direct face off there, especially when Lalu counter-reacted saying that,"he doesn't even though how to use cowdung then why is he commenting."

Narendra Modi

Insisting that Lalu said it because there was devil residing on his tongue, Modi said,"I want to know how the shaitan got the address (of Lalu)...he recognises that it was the shaitan in a similar manner as people recognise their relatives." "Do we have a place for such people? he further asked.

Certainly an electric atmosphere here. But interestingly, the election focus has changed. While parties were wracking their head over caste politics in Bihar, a completely different angle has emerged now, ripping Bihar apart.

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While Narendra Modi was completely aloof of the Dadri lynching, he speaks of it suddenly during his poll speech. Lalu too, who was waging a poll war based on caste system, but has now deviated his focus to eating beef or not.

The world is divided over beef, so are the political parties. Even the PM got thinking.

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