My A to Z list for Arvind Kejriwal

By: Mahesh Peri
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I have believed that the results of Delhi was the best thing to happen to India. AAP represented a movement against corruption, for greater transparency, minimalism and people power. It was a crusade. But now, I have a bigger worry - the AAP being over ambitious and a party in a hurry, may well spoil any chances forever. And by failing, they would make it difficult for any movement in future, forever!

As a resident of Delhi, I have seen the effort and hard work of AAP to get these results. They identified themselves with local problems and issues, They were in an agitation mode for close to 2 years. They
visited and rallied at mohallas, lanes, by lanes, colonies, bastis, jhuggis and homes. All their top guns were on the roads. They had their fingers on the pulse of people issues.

As far as I know, the strategy of AAP and most definitely AK was much different. "We want to prove ourselves by giving good governance in Delhi" Kejriwal told me. "2014 is out of question", he added. It all seems to be changing now. It may no longer be his personal opinion, that matters. There is a party and also an aspirational class, that seems to be guiding and goading the strategy of AAP. I wouldn't be surprised if a few left of centre strategists are also making plans for AAP.

Now, it is about contesting 300 seats, 1 crore volunteers, a donation drive. All with an eye on 2014 polls. It is no longer about winnability. Our angst may no longer count. It is about establishing a base, a voting percentage. They seem to be under-mining and belittling their own work in Delhi.

If one wrong move of Kejriwal costs India, he will lose his support base forever

India has totally different issues. And AAP should know more than any one that local issues will play a major role at the elections. The Andhra separation, the Sri Lankan Tamils, the Cauvery waters, the
protection of minorities or the appeasement of minorities, struggle in North East, jobs, the gulf labor crisis etc. are all issues that will impact voting patterns.

I wish Kejriwal sticks with what he told me. My wish for AAP led by Kejriwal would be the following -

1. Elections are over. It is time to deliver. Governance is not theatrics, performances and Kavi Sammelans. Get down to work. Take your time, work on sustainable policies and give good governance. Ensure a corruption free and transparent Delhi.

2. Contest and win states, based on winnability. I wish they go state by state -Haryana, Punjab, Karnataka etc.

3. MAKE EVERY VOTE COUNT. Contest to win. The biggest problem of our law and policy making process is those that make it - with interests, ideology, Inefficiency, corruption and crony capitalism. Ensure that none of those that hurt or impeded the growth of India enter parliament. Contest against them, irrespective of the party affiliation. Be seen with the people of India to uproot such people from getting to power. My A to Z list of people who should not be in parliament are the following:

A - All Gandhis (Rahul, Sonia, Varun)
B - All Pawars (Sharad, Supriya)
C - All Thackerays
D - Karunanidhi family member (Maran, Kanimozhi, Alagiri)
E - Any Mulayam family members (Mulayam, Ram Gopal Yadav, Dimple Yadav)
F - Jayalalitha
G - Mamata Banerjee
H - Ajit Singh and family
I - Badal (Sukhbir, Prakash)
J - Shibu Soren and family
K - Owaissi (Asaduddin, Akbaruddin)
L - Any Chautala (Omprakash, Abhay)
M - Laloo Yadav and family
N - Raja A
O - Kamal Nath
P - Mayawati
Q - Praful Patel
R - Suresh Kalmadi
S - Hindu religious leaders (Yogi Adityanath, Vinay Katyar, Baba Ramdev and others)
T - Yeddyurappa
U - Ajit Jogi and family
V - Randeep Hooda
W- Nitin Jindal
X - Sushilkumar Shinde
Y - Verappa Moily
Z- Ajit Singh

I hope AK is listening. He seems to have a coterie around him. His access to information on strategy and policy has taken a knock. But I do wish he takes the right decisions. If his wrong moves cost India, he will lose all his support base forever, and India's dream of seeing an Aam Aadmi in power, would also be lost forever.

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