Move over the TV serials, Indian politics is the new 'saas bahu' saga

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The Indian political scene has never been short of fireworks and drama. Whether it was the BJP swooping the 2014 Lok Sabha elections or AAP regaining its lost glory in the 2015 Delhi Assembly elections, Indian politics has garnered a lot of interest in the past two years.

As an aam aadmi (no pun intended) or a common man, the buzz created around the AAP made us all sit up and take notice of this fledging party that came with a lot of promises.

The party had new faces, some well known faces too thanks to the India Against Corruption campaign, which was like a breath of fresh air for the citizens. But this was way back in 2012, when AAP was just launched.

Indian politics: New age saas bahu saga

Indian politics takes the shape of saas bahu saga

The turmoil that the Indian politics is currently witnessing is nothing less than a saas bahu saga, something that will give Ekta Kapoor a run for her money! Be it AAP's internal rift, Rahul Gandhi's disappearing act or the see-saw act of Bihar and Jammu and Kashmir government, to the author all of this is equivalent to a Hindi serial with dramatic entrances and horrid music background.

The internal rift in AAP reminds us of a household from these soap operas that pretends to be close knit but has been on a shaky ground for as long as we can remember. AAP loyalists who seem to have backstabbed senior party leaders AAP remind us of those scheming vamps, who will do anything in their power to destroy the family yet put up a straight face.

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AAP is a party where members go and conduct sting on each other and then happily produce these sting ops to the media, who grab the footage at the very first opportunity [New audio reveals Arvind Kejriwal allegedly hitting out at Yadav, Bhushan]

Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan have both cried foul many times saying that they never wanted any differences in the party but just want to sort out any trouble that seems to be brewing, again reminding us of those baas (grandmothers) and daughter in laws who seems to have a magic spell for every problem.

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi disappears like the male protagonist

In many of these serials, you see the protagonist making a sudden disappearing act and then re-emerging after a few months in full glory. What happens to the person in those months no one knows, but most of the time we assume that they are dead!

Well that certainly is not the case with Rahul Gandhi, who seems to have taken a long leave to introspect on the current situation.

With news of him making a big comeback in Congress's Kisan rally on April 18 [Congress's Kisan rally to be Rahul Gandhi's comeback platform?], we couldn't help but wonder will his big entry meet the same fate as his counter parts of these TV serials? People have been plastering 'missing' posters of Rahul in many places but we are just waiting to see what happens when he makes his grand entrance.

See-saw relations of leaders, parties

One of the most striking incidents that we noticed in the recent times was political leaders jumping from one party to another and some even becoming best friends with their so-called-foes.

While Jammu and Kashmir government formation kept us on tenterhooks for too long, the Bihar government fallout between Nitish Kumar and Jitan Ram Manjhi proved to be one of those heartbreaks that gets washed out in endless tears shed by the lovers.

Often termed as the 'dummy chief minister' by many, Manjhi was expelled from JDU making way for his once close friend Nitish, a master stroke by the powerful yet foolish lover who often hogs the limelight in the serials.

Boredom will set soon

As viewers, the twists and turns thrown at us by these political parties at first seem captivating, but slowly it will turn into a predictable spate of events. Like you didn't predict AAP's downfall the moment the first news of rift broke out just a month later after winning the Delhi election!

Soon the sheen will go off and the dialogues will be a bore, unless the parties pull their socks up and make up their minds to stick together as one like the bahus, mothers of these sagas who usually wave their magic wand and everything falls into a place.

It is a little unrealistic thinking that things will be fine but that's how even our TV soaps are sometimes, isn't it?

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