Modi Govt's master plan for Mission Kashmir: Know why BJP has edge in State poll

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Buoyed by recent assembly poll results where BJP got thumping victory recently, the party is hammering its head hard to make mission 44 success in Jammu and Kashmir. From wooing smaller parties like Peoples Conference to giving prominence to Muslim candidates, BJP is not leaving any single stone unturned to create history in the State. And above all the party has Modi mascot which till now has proved like midas touch will definitely work in the state poll.

Tough task is to score in the valley

The Modi-led troops want to win majority mark 44 in 87 seated Assembly in the State and for that the saffron party is toying with all possible ideas. Latest report says that, to bolster party's chance in the valley, the BJP is focussing on registration of lakhs of Kashmiri migrants as voters.

More than two lakhs Kashmiri Pandits from various districts like Srinagar, Anantnag, Baramulla, Pulwama, Budgam, Bandipora and Kupwara had fled from valley in nineties when terrorism was on its peak in the State. Now party is banking upon them by facilitating their enrollment in state voters list.

The saffron party knows well that party will be in driver seat only when it will be able to win some seats from the valley and this can't be possible without the good gesture from Kashmiri Pandits.

The valley has most number of assembly seats 46, followed by Jammu region(37) and then Ladakh which has 4 seats. Generally valley is the fiefdom of PDP and NC and it is very tough for BJP to make inroads into this region.

To cut their votes and further making the party's prospect better, BJP has even fielded 13 Muslims candidate this time. Kashmiri Pandit candidate Moti Kaul from Srinagar's Habbakadal constituency

Modi applauded for his kind gestures recently

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the mascot of the party and he has proven that in the past. Recently valley people applauded his work in the direction of relief and rehabilitation after the valley was hit by natural calamity.

While Separatist and incumbent Government faced the flak for not giving them the helping hand at the time of crisis, BJP scored on the front. Moreover, people also liked that Modi spent his first Diwali as Prime Minister with them. All these things have given valley people reason to soften their stand towards BJP.

The saffron party from their end will highlight these plus points in their election campaigning. Report says that star campaigner Modi will do 8 rallies starting from November 10 in the State which will definitely turn the wind in their favour.

High hope in Hindu dominated regions-Jammu and Ladakh

The Lok Sabha results proves that BJP has good strength in Jammu and Ladakh region. In that election, the party had led in 24 seats in the region having vote share of more than 45 per cent, while both the Congress and NC together managed to lead in only 11 seats.

Their(Cong-NC) combined vote share was also very low around 34 per cent. BJP had won lone seat from Ladakh region in Lok Sabha election and recent tough stand against china gives BJP an edge. So, party has reason to feel confident about these region.

Strategy to thrive on anti-incumbency in the state

The BJP's strategy this time is not to touch controversial topics like article 370 and instead thrive on anti-incumbency and dynastic politics of national conference(NC) and PDP. The NC-congress alliance has been ruling the State since 2008 and before that Congress with PDP was at the helm. BJP in it's campaign may highlights failures of these parties.

After ruling for so many years these parties have not been able to address the real problem, the state is battling with. The unemployment, inflation is on record high in the State. Growth and development is nowhere is in the sight. The saffron party will provoke people on these issues in coming days.

Toying with idea of post-poll alliance with smaller parties

Reportedly BJP is in talk with some smaller parties including Peoples Conference and others who have clout in the State. Recently BJP leader and former RSS spokesperson Ram Madhav held a meeting with number of state leaders like Peoples Conference chief Sajad Lone, Democratic Party Nationalistic(DPN) chief Ghulam Hasshn Mir and People Democratic Front chief Hakim Yasin.

Though whole matter is being maintained like hush-hush affair till now, but sources say that BJP may cobble post-poll alliance with these parties. When asked about this report, Madhav has hinted positively.

Only time will tell how BJP will fare in this poll, but seeing the present situation it can be said that BJP is in the driver seat. Master strategist Amit Shah along with Modi will definitely turn the tide in BJP's favour. They will create history by forming first ever BJP Government in the State.

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