Modi-fied Maharashtra: Major takeaways from high-voltage Assembly polls post saffron surge

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BJP wins Maha polls
Amid anticipations and apprehensions, the electoral process finally came to a peaceful end on Sunday. The Maharashtra has given a thumps-up to the BJP and voted the Congress out of the power. BJP (along with its allies) won 121+ seats and emerged as the largest party in Maharashtra Assembly while Shiv Sena finished at number two position.
With the BJP falling far short of a clear majority in the Maharashtra Assembly polls, the Shiv Sena and the NCP could play kingmakers in deciding the next Government. In the 288-seat assembly, 144 number is the magic halfway number to form the Government. Given below are major takeaways of the high-voltage Assembly poll.

Modi magic still continues

It seems Prime Minister Narendra Modi's magic is still on and hasn't lost its charm as critics said. The BJP which recently snapped its alliance in the State depended solely on 'Modi wave' for the big test. But thanks to Modi wave, the party has managed to get 221+ seats in this crucial State. And big thing is that saffron party has got this feat on its own, without any alliances. This proves the prowess of Modi-led troops. 

In spite of busy schedule, Modi addressed 27 packed rallies in 9 days. During his rallies, the PM urged the voters to rout the corrupt Congress out of the power in both the States. He asked the public to press the lotus button to bring in the change.

Shiv Sena losing ground

Though, Shiv Sena has secured second position in the State Assembly polls, but it has not achieved what it had planned. The party was confident of getting at least 150 seats but it restricted to 62 seats only. This is not a major achievement for the party which in the last Assembly election secured 45 seats. In spite of focusing on the Assembly polls, the party kept criticising the BJP and PM Narendra Modi.

Not to forget, the predicament of the party who was adamant on its position that it will not act as junior partner of BJP in the State. Now, Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray must have to leave his ego aside, as people didn't buy his school of thoughts.

Modi-Shah jodi hit but no State face of BJP, a concern

The BJP might have won the election due to the Modi wave and planning by its chief Amit Shah. Undoubtedly, the party is flourishing and adding one after another in its cap under the leadership of these magnificent leaders. But somewhere, it is matter of concern for the party which does not have any local face with mass appeal. After untimely death of Pramod Mahajan and Gopinath Munde, there is lull of big leaders in the Maharashtra. Even there are some so called leaders, but they don't have this mass appeal. So, it's time BJP needs to think seriously on this front. Only, Modi-Shah can't win every game. BJP must groom leaders in states who have this Modi like Charisma, on whom party can bank upon.

Congress needs to learn a lesson

Congress' is constantly shrinking in the country. The defeat episode which began with the Lok Sabha polls where the grand-old party pushed Congress to lowest tally ever in history is still continuing. But sadly, the party did nothing to improve its lost ground instead it remained busy with in-fighting. Though, some top leaders did some eye wash exercises but on ground level nothing changed.

The Congress leadership is in complete mess. The party is purely dependent on the Gandhi family, especially on the future president of the party, Rahul Gandhi who doesn't even know how and when to rise to occasion. He doesn't have leadership qualities and that has been proved at various occassion. It is high time for the party to look beyond the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and bring in energetic and young bloods. 

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