May the war on terror remain global and not turn sectoral: Security experts

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The world today is united in the war against terror. The bombing of the Russian plane and the Paris attacks have brought France, Russia, the United States of America and United Kingdom together to battle against the ISIS.

This is a positive development as the leaders of each of these nations decided to bury all differences and battle the common enemy that is the ISIS.


Security experts however, point out that the efforts need to be sustained and the problem has to be recognised only as global terror.

If the war against terror is diluted and the issues become regional in nature, then it is curtains for this war on terror says C D Sahay, the former chief of the Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW).

Do not dilute the war on terror:

Sahay in this conversation with OneIndia says that the war on terror started post 9/11. It was termed as a global war against terror.

However, over the years it got diluted. The war no longer was a global war on terror. It had become a sectoral war against sectoral terrorism.

The Global war on terror had come down to local issues and the fight had become more regional in nature.

It had become business as usual with countries only promising to share details and discussing the war on terror at international foras.

When Russia entered Syria there were reports that suggested that the country was in reality supporting the regime led by Assad. Very crudely there was talk about pro and anti regime.

However, it took an unfortunate incident such as Paris and the Russian plane bombing for all these nations to unite and fight the menace called ISIS.

However, let us not be skeptical and realize that the important thing is that they are all acting together.

After the Paris attack there was an incident at the G-2- summit in Turkey which only added to the resolve of these nations to come together and fight against terror.

Sahay says that he is glad that this idea has re-surfaced and the war should be fought jointly.

I only hope that this traffic incident not only renewed their commitment against terrorism, but also encouraged all stake holders to continue their cooperation in this war.

What all nations should realize is that terror is a global problem and needs a global agenda in order to control it.

All these nations may have a host of differences right from economics to other political issues, but when it comes to terrorism the key is standing together.

Ever country has to make the war on terror a national priority, Sahay also adds.

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