Know constituencies of UP Assembly polls 2017: SARDHANA [GEN]

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Uttar Pradesh will go to Assembly elections early in 2017. The state has an Assembly comprising 403 seats and a party/alliance has to win 202 seats to form the government. In 2012, when the last state election was held in UP, the Samajwadi Party had won 224 seats to get a decisive majority.

<------Previous seat: SIWALKHAS [43]

Oneindia will take one Assembly constituency a day and have a look at electoral information related to it:

uttar pradesh map

Constituency Name: SARDHANA [Comprises KCs 2-Sardhana, 3-Daurala, Sardhana MB, Daurala NP & Lawar NP of 1-Sardhana Tehsil; PCs 1-Akbarpur Sadat, 2-Amroli Urf Bada Gaon, 3-Kaul, 4-Khalidpur,
5-Gadina, 6-Gagsona, 9-Pilona, 11-Batnaur, 12-Bhagwanpur, 17-Rahawti, 20-Phalauda of 1-Mawana KC & Phalauda NP of 2-Mawana Tehsil]

Constituency No. 44

  • District: Meerut (Sardhana is an Assembly segment under Muzaffarnagar Lok Sabha constituency)
  • District Area: 2,559 square kilometres
  • District population: 20,08,7045 (general caste 81.8%; SC 18.01%; ST 0.1%)
  • District literacy: 62.2%
  • District urbanisation: 51.1%

2012 Assembly election result in Sardhana

  • Winner: Sangeet Singh Som (BJP)
  • Votes received: 62,438
  • Vote percentage: 29.1
  • Nearest rival: Hazi Mohammad Yaqub (RLD)
  • Votes: 50,164
  • Percentage: 23.4
  • Difference: 12,274
  • Margin %: 5.72
  • Total voters: 2,96,297
  • Turnout: 72.46%
  • Party which won Sardhana most number of times: Congress and BJP won five times each; BSP once; SP never [since 1957]

2014 Lok Sabha result in Muzaffarnagar

Sanjeev Kumar Balyan (BJP) defeated Kadir Rana (BSP) by 4,01,150 votes (margin% 36.2)

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