Kashmir jingoism: Why donning Rahul will not help Bilawal and his party PPP

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Bilawal bhutto
Pakistan's PPP leader Bilawal Bhutto it seems is walking on the path of his Indian counterpart Congress scion Rahul Gandhi. Though, he has yet not matched Gandhi heir in terms of number of goofs up, but this Benazir Bhutto is surely giving tough competition. Third generation of Bhutto clan, Bilawal recently had said that his party will wrest every inch of Kashmir from India.

"I will take back Kashmir, all of it, and I will not leave behind a single inch of it because, like the other provinces, it belongs to Pakistan", Bilawal had said while exhorting party workers in Multan on Friday.

Rahul like angry man avatar
Bilawal Bhutto and Rahul Gandhi have lots of similarities in terms of political background, education and even suave looks. Both are son of former Prime Ministers who were killed in bomb attack, while addressing a political rally. Then Bilawal and Rahul both studied in Britain, former at Cambridge, the latter at Oxford.

Another point which draw them closer is while Rahul's grandmother Indira Gandhi was prime minister, same was Bilawal's grandfather Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Both of them even met with tragic death, one was gunned down and another hanged. Rahul and Bilawal both took rein of the respective party in tender age. Junior Bhuto was made PPP chairman at age of only 19.

What was not common between the two till now was unnecessary and out of blue aggression, which was a trademark of Rahul Gandhi only. But then recent rhetoric of Bilawal has cemented this fact that both think in similar fashion and have similar bent of mind. Though, in case of Rahul Gandhi it has been proven that his new avatar always unleashes more harm than gain to party, Bilawal has yet to face the consequences. But if he will continue to do such act, he will definitely leave his Indian counterpart Congress prince behind.

Pakistani politicians have thrive on Kashmir issue

Kashmir is like fodder to hungry Pakistani politicians who have nothing else to offer to Pakistani people and this is like potent weapon to win their confidence back for the respective parties.

This is the reason why time to time they keep on raking up this emotive issue, which has been a bone of contention between India and Pakistan since long. Bhutto clan is known for it, right from Bilawal's grandfather Zulfiqar Bhutto to his mother Benazir. Try to recall the provocative statement by Zulfiqar.

He had said,"We shall fight a thousand years to liberate Kashmir and we shall eat grass, but we will make an atomic bomb". Even, Benjir was seen ranting "Azaadi, Azaadi, Azaadi" for Kashmir during many of her speeches. So, it's nothing new. According to a DNA report, Benazir Bhutto, while in opposition would cozy up with India seeking helping hand, but in power would go into histrionic paroxysms at public rallies while talking about Kashmir.Recently only, Pakistani Army chief Gen Raheel Sharif had termed Kashmir a "jugular vein".

Though, not even a single politicians till date have accepted this bitter truth that the country itself is responsible for putting Kashmir in this condition. Had they not sent armed tribesmen, King Hari singh may not had signed Instrument of Accession with the Union of India in 1947.

Even 1972 Simla agreement had clearly said that all outstanding issues between two countries must be resolved by peaceful means through mutual discussion within the framework of the UN Charter. So this bantering attitude not help at all.

Why this ranting by PPP leader Bilawal?

Perhaps this stem from the fact that PPP which has lost its charm amongst people so this potent weapon might help them to redeem the lost pride back. Buutto's politics have always been like pro people and arousing national sentiments.

In last election PPP was routed by Nawaz Shariff's party PMLN which pushed party to oblivion. Moreover, presently, Imran Khan's PTI is stealing all popularity which is exacerbating their cup of woes. So, desperate to come into political limelight, Bilawal has donned this Rahul like act.

Junior Bhutto's statement holds not much credibility as he has yet not tested political water, so this must not be a big issue for India. Though, India has reiterated that Kashmir is a part of India and all parties have slammed this statement in unison.

 "In 1971 we could have finished off West Pakistan but we decided not to finish the identity of Pakistan. So if this kind of talks takes place and especially on a matter which is legally settled. When the Instrument of Accession was signed, it was final," he added. India also reacted officially, saying the statement was far from reality and reminded young Bhutto that the integrity and unity of the country was "non negotiable", BJP's Subrahmanian Swamy said in a stern response.

Congress spokesperson Sandeep Dikshit said that the Kashmir is an integral part of India and anyone should not have any doubt about it.

Pakistani people want economic prosperity not this type of rhetoric

Bilawal should know that this attempt to garner eyeballs amongst the masses will not help either him or his party politically. At a time when Pakistan is battling with number of problems i.e terrorism economic stagnation and political unsuitability, this is not expected from the man who is like future hope of the country.

Rather than imitating Rahul's aggressive style, he could have learn from his failures. Bhutto junior should know that those days of destructive politics have gone, people now only want developmental politics.

Rather than raking up the Kashmir issue, about which even he had the idea that the there is no permanent solution of it, he could have proposed in the larger interest of the country. He could have said that PMLN failed to leverage Indian friendship .

Bilawal could be more vocal about making thaw in the relation between two countries. But that he didn't. Let's hope that in coming days he will learn from the fiasco of Rahul Gandhi and achievements of Narendra Modi.

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