JNUites, will this convince you?

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Let's assume that the JNU controversy is a typical case of university politics gone out of control, and that Kanhaiya and Umar Khalid are innocent. However, having said that, we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that Bassi has been highlighting from Day 1 of Kanhaiya's arrest that the police has enough evidence against him and Umar.

Incidentally, the entire uprising was brewing up in the heart of the country for many days, with some support from Kashmir and the terror groups operating from there.

Hafeez Saeed

Rajnath Singh's Hafeez remark may not be false

There is more to what meets the eye. According to the intelligence bureau, there are concrete evidences that Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI is handling Jamat-Ud-Dawa and Lashkar-e-Taiba chief Hafiz Saeed's Twitter account. This nullifies the allegations that Rajnath Singh's remark on Hafeez Saeed's link with the JNU unrest was based on a false Twitter post.

However, Hafeez Saeed stepped in saying that he had nothing to do with the post. Irony is, we did not believe our own home minister (because he represents a party we do not like and confirmed that Saeed was right (because he did not belong to the RSS, but is a militant from Pakistan). The intelligence Bureau is now trying to suspend all the social media accounts of Hafez Saeed.

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It is said that Saeed has two accounts @HafizSaeedLive and @HSaeedOfficial. However, the tweet did not come from any of two. However, when Kanhaiya was arrested, the accounts became live and tweets started getting posted in Hindi so that it is comprehensible to everyone.


Unstable India, profitable for others

The Pakistani intelligence ISI believes that the situation today in India is profitable for Pakistan, especially when a section of media supported Hafiz positively during the JNU uprising. India is ideologically divided and is at its weakest point politically. This could be the best time to attack India.


Cyber cell in Kashmir

It is rumored that Hafiz Saeed has also started a cyber cell in Kashmir on behalf of the ISI and is looking for Indian journalists who can expedite the Kashmir Liberation. Not just that, the cyber cell has ben asked to create a database of journalists who could be useful for him.

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Why is Umar Khalid absconding?

The iconic example of youth and a former leader of the ultra-left Democratic Students' Union (DSU), Umar Khalid is now absconding after he was named in a police complaint, accusing him of anti-national activities.

Why did he run away? If we go by his sister's statement of how he had protested taking medication since half the country is going without food and how he refused to have a passport so that he could always be in India to serve the country, this Umar Khalid seems a little out of place.

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Call records from his two numbers show a unique pattern. A total of 800 calls were made between February 3 and February 9, including some to Jammu and Kashmir. Out of these, 38 calls were made to Jammu and Kashmir and 65 were received from there. Clearly, Khalid was mobilising the protests across the country.


A native of Bihar, these two numbers were on roaming 17 times in the past one month. However, there are no records of his mobile going on roaming in Jammu and Kashmir during the last 2 months.

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All said and done, the fact that lies somewhere deep down in the entire incident is such a sentiment should not have been expressed in the first place. One can go against the people of the country or the governing body, or for that matter a political party, but going against a Nation as a whole is totally unacceptable.

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