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ISIS: Children 'play' with guns in the land of 'Jannah' (heaven)


Beheading is child's play with the ISIS...literally. Videos of ISIS leaders and soldiers killing people is quite common place, but similar gory videos of children killing people making rounds of the cyber world, unsettling war experts of a disoriented future generation.

This land of 'Jannah' certainly is not a place one should look forward for, not at least children. At a tender age when they should be playing with mud, ball and clay, many of them could be seen doning a rifle or beheading people.

children in ISIS

As Cannon Fodder

The most unlikely suspect for terror attack are women and children. While authorities can still question women, children are the most unlikely suspect. This is an advantage for the ISIS, who constantly kidnap children and train them as jihadis and suicide bombers.

In the eastern governorate of Diyala, provincial Police Chief Lieutenant General Kasim Al-Saidi said,"IS has recruited 100 children under the age of 16. They are going to brainwash these kids into being suicide bombers."

Known as the 'Cubs of the Caliphates', these children play a very important role in terror attacks.

Recently, a video emerged where a 13-year old boy was seen shooting captives. The cold-blooded murder does not even seem to affect the little children.


Then there was news of a 13-year old boy beheading a man, considered a Russian 'spy'. Doning the military black mask of the ISIS, these cubs do not winch at the sight of blood and are fearless, thanks to the successful indoctrination.

Human Rights activist have said that children have been recruited through free schooling campaigns that include weapons training and have given them dangerous tasks, including suicide bombing missions.

A training not to be forgotten

ISIS captives recollect their daily regime in training. A 13 year old was forced to join the ISIS under the latter's pressure. "For 30 days we woke up and jogged, had breakfast, then learned the Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet. Then we took courses on weapons, Kalashnikovs and other light military stuff," said the boy, who later fled to Turkey with his family.

The children are reportedly forced to watch public beheading and stoning.

Children killed in front of parents

Apart from being suicide bombs, these children are also subject to killing, rape and torture. Once, a boy had not fasted for Ramadan and he was crucified in public.

There have also been reports that children have been killed in front of their parents. As the ISIS attack Palestinian refugee camps, they behead children and reportedly play with their severed heads "as if they were football", says a teenager who too was beaten brutally.


Radicalised, they take a path unknown

On the flip side, there are stories of teenagers-between the age of 16 and 19-leaving home and heading to Syria to join the ISIS, without any force or compulsion.

The case of the three teenage girls is a case in point. Belonging to a moderate Islamic family in London, the trio headed to Syria in the hope of a "better future", a handsome husband and children.

Thanks to the Internet, these children have been thoroughly radicalised, so much so that they are ready to leave their parents. 19-year old Mohammed Hamzah Khan and his 17-year old sister from US were nabbed at the border of Syria before they could enter the area.

The three siblings had been plotting an exit to Syria, without their parents knowing, for quite some time. In their letters to their parents, they said,"An Islamic State has been established, and it is thus obligatory upon every able-bodied male and female to migrate. I cannot live under a law in which I am afraid to speak my beliefs."

The youngest of the three siblings, wrote,"This nation is openly against Islam and Muslims. The evil of this country makes me sick."

Certainly, the ISIS functionary is multi-layered, leaving out no room for failure, even if that means taking away young, innocent lives.

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