In the madness covering ISIS let us not forget the al-Qaeda and Lashkar

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Every single minute there is a news break regarding the ISIS. The Intelligence Bureau (IB), the security mechanism and the media is completely focused on what we call as the ISIS threat.

While it is good to be aware and report the activities of the ISIS, one must not forget that there are other terror groups as well.


In this madness to cover the ISIS, what one must ensure is not let the al-Qaeda get away. The al-Qaeda has been relatively quiet, but the fact is that they are not dead.

The al-Qaeda is capable of bouncing back and would look to take advantage of the fact that the entire mechanism is focused around the ISIS today.

Do not underestimate the al-Qaeda:

There have been reports in the recent days of the ISIS joining hands with the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT). However, Intelligence Bureau officials say that this is highly unlikely at the moment due to the fact that the Lashkar which is controlled by the ISI will not get the green signal to join hands with the ISIS.

The ISI controlled Lashkar is a strategic ally of the Pakistan establishment. For the ISI it is easy to control a Lashkar and the spy agency is well aware that the ISIS will not tow their line.

Moreover, the ISIS too makes it clear that the Lashkar operatives are stooges of the ISI and hence a tie up with the outfit is ruled out.

What one would need to watch out for now is the al-Qaeda especially in Afghanistan and Bangladesh. The ISI would prefer having an al-Qaeda when compared to an ISIS.

The al-Qaeda is down and desperate and would look for help from the ISI. In a bid to scuttle the ISIS dream in Afghanistan and Bangladesh, the ISI would look to prop up the al-Qaeda.

In Bangladesh groups such as the Ansarullah Bangla Team are alligned more towards the al-Qaeda.

Missing intelligence:

Currently the ISIS has become a wave across the world. Almost all the agencies across the world focus only on the activities of this outfit.

While this is necessary there is also the danger that intelligence relating to the al-Qaeda could be missed and the outfit could well take advantage of this fact.

All that the al-Qaeda would look for is one spectacular attack and they are back in business. Even in the war at Afghanistan, the Taliban would prefer the al-Qaeda as the ISIS have been considered to be enemies.

The al-Qaeda when compared to the ISIS is less brutal and this attitude would help it in parts of Bangladesh, Afghanistan and India where the operatives are considered to be meek in comparison to the Arab or European fighters.

An IB official says that today the focus is largely on the ISIS. However, there are close tabs on the al-Qaeda and the Lashkar as well.

We are aware that these groups may try and take advantage of the focus on the ISIS and undertake some activity.

For now the al-Qaeda and the Lashkar have adopted a wait and watch policy and we are aware that the ISI may try and strengthen these groups in a bid to counter the ISIS, the official also adds.

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