In Pics: Rakhi Sawant and her encounter with politicians

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Mumbai, March 25: Rakhi Sawant, better known as "drama queen of Bollywood" has revealed her political ambitions.

Sources have said that Sawant may launch her own political party soon with "green chilly" as her party symbol.

Rakhi, who hails from Maharashtrian Hindu family, is likely to contest from Mumbai North-West constituency against Congress leader Gurudas Kamat.

However, she has also desired to get BJP ticket for the Lok Sabha elections.

Bollywood's most popular item girl said she supported BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and wanted him to occupy the post.

Controversy's favourite child, Sawant also told media that she would continue to act in films but no more "naach gaana", only good roles as she is tired of the "item girl" tag and needs a change.

Well, this is not the first time that the glamorous actress as well as a daughter of a policeman, Rakhi Sawant has talked about her interest in politics.

Unlike her counterparts, she has manage to be in the limelight by commenting on various political leaders and they have also mentioned her name many times, to take a dig at their opponents.

Recently, in an interview, Rakhi had confessed that she has been away from controversies from last two years, as she wants to start her political career.

36-year-old Rakhi had clearly said that she wants to become a national leader and social work is her priority.

"I am popular everywhere, so I can contest from any state. I don't know which party, I will join but I may launch my own political party", she had said.

Let's go into flashback to take a look at Rakhi's brush with politics:

Rakhi Sawant's 'admiration' for Narendra Modi

Rakhi Sawant's 'admiration' for Narendra Modi

Earlier this month, Rakhi proved that she is die-hard fan of the BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.

Expressing openly her love for the party, she said that Modi should be the next Prime Minister. Having visited the party office recently, Sawant said that she is like a "daughter" to the party.

"I have just come to the (BJP) office. I do not know anything about joining the party. I have come here to have tea. The senior leaders will be able to say better. I haven't thought of anything as yet. I am a daughter of the BJP and it is like my home. I want people to support Modi, and I am sure he is going to be the next PM", she said.

She has also reportedly cancelled all her shooting schedules to campaign for BJP.

Rakhi Sawant's love for Rahul Gandhi

Rakhi Sawant's love for Rahul Gandhi

In July 2011, bold actress Rakhi Sawant didn't shy away from expressing her love towards Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi.

"I want to marry Rahul Gandhi or Anil Ambani or someone like them! Am I not sexy enough?", she said.

Rakhi Sawant challenges Arvind Kejriwal, calls him “item boy” of politics

Rakhi Sawant challenges Arvind Kejriwal, calls him “item boy” of politics

According to a report, Rakhi wants to contest Lok Sabha polls against Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convenor Arvind Kejriwal.

While calling Kejriwal "miniscule" as compared to Modi's stature, Rakhi further said, "If the party (BJP) gives me a chance, I am ready to take on Kejriwal from any parliamentary constituency. He has broken the hearts of people, and he should be punished for that."

"Kejriwal only loves to speak in front of cameras. Let him contest against me, and he will find out the real truth.. because the media loves me more", she challenged him.

Earlier, she even called Arvind Kejriwal a "coward". She had said, "He's scared of me. I wanted to ask him what he is really doing for the country. Sab mantriyon ka bhaanda phhod raha hai (exposing all politicians), but that is only for his need. He's lying when he says he wants to help the common man; he just wants to do things for his kursi (chair). He doesn't have the guts to meet me."

Rakhi Sawant's appeal to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

Rakhi Sawant's appeal to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

While talking to TOI, Rakhi Sawant, who has also acted in Bhojpuri films made an appeal to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, "I want Nitish ji to give subsidy for Bhojpuri cinema because this is where the Ganga flows from, and this is where our roots belong to. Women don't watch Bhojpuri movies because of its obscenity, so I wanted to make a family movie. My production house has already produced 5 movies. At present I am focusing on direction. I really like this new phase of my life. I have some of my scripts pending."

Kamaal R Khan taunts Rakhi Sawant

Kamaal R Khan taunts Rakhi Sawant

Actor-turned politician Kamaal R Khan and Samwajwadi Party's (SP) candidate recently launched a scathing attack on Sawant while talking to TOI and said, "I have known Rakhi for quite sometime now. And I'm aware that poor Rakhi has to do such things to survive. I know for sure that she's not going to contest the elections. Rakhi has joined BJP to run her kitchen."

"Rakhi tries to do all kinds of things to remain in news. These reports of her being a part of BJP have once again brought her in news. And on this basis, she may get another reality show on TV. Naturally, it works fine for her. So, I would not try to read too much into her political stint", he added.

WhenUddhav Thackeray compared Rakhi Sawant with Arvind Kejriwal

WhenUddhav Thackeray compared Rakhi Sawant with Arvind Kejriwal

In January this year, Shiv Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray had launched an attack on the former chief minister of Delhi and AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal by claiming that Rakhi Sawant is better than him.

Calling him as the 'ringmaster of a circus', Thackeray had wrote an article in Shiv Sena mouthpiece "Saamna" and mentioned that the Bollywood item girl would have been a better administrator than Kejriwal.

Rakhi had appreciated Thackeray's praise on her and said, "If I had been the Chief Minister of Delhi I would have taken it to new heights. Kejriwal has become greedy now. I don't think he is the right person to rule the country."

Make Rakhi Sawant CM candidate: AAP's Anjali Damania to Uddhav Thackeray

Make Rakhi Sawant CM candidate: AAP's Anjali Damania to Uddhav Thackeray

According to TOI report, AAP leader from Nagpur, Anjali Damania had advised Shiv Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray, "If Thackeray holds Rakhi Sawant in such high regard he should make her Shiv Sena's chief minister candidate in the assembly elections."

Rakhi called Digvijay Singh a “buddha”!

Rakhi called Digvijay Singh a “buddha”!

In November 2012, "hot headed" girl had lashed out at senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh by calling him a "buddha" (an old man) and said that he attacked her "noble character".

Reacting to Digvijay Singh's controversial tweet in which he had written, "Arvind Kejriwal is like Rakhi Sawant. They both try and expose but with no substance. Apologies to Rakhi Sawant, I am an old fan of hers !"", Rakhi had lashed out at him saying, "How dare he take my name like that? Sathiya gaya hai woh. Lagta hai budhapey mein uski buddhi brasht ho gayi hai (He has become old. It seems that in old age,he has lost his wisdom).

She added, " can he compare me with Kejriwal; it's so insulting. Mr Digvijay has spoilt my reputation, now I am going to teach him a lesson. And I can do it all by myself. It's sad that a few ministers are spoiling the Congress party's name!"

When Rakhi Sawant applauded Pranab Mukherjee

When Rakhi Sawant applauded Pranab Mukherjee

On March 12, 2012, Rakhi stunned everyone when she entered Parliament at the start of the Budget session to hog the limelight.

She claimed that she has full faith on the Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee while it comes on upcoming union budget 2012.

"I have full confidence that Pranab Mukherjee would make a good Budget", she said.

"I am here to know the Budget. I want to see how leaders are working. I want to request Sonia Gandhi that there should be something for the women too", she added.

When Rakhi Sawant proposed 'hot' Baba Ramdev

When Rakhi Sawant proposed 'hot' Baba Ramdev

In 2011, the controversy queen, Sawant had expressed her love interest in Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev at a press meet in Delhi.

"He is Baba for you, mere liye to Swami Ramdev hain. I like him a lot. Earlier, Rahul Gandhi was my dream man but, now, I have changed my choice to Swami Ramdev", she said.

"Jab bhi main unhe dekhti hun mujhe kuchh ho jaata hai. Unki aankhein mujhe sabse zyaada attract karti hai. Baba is hot. I want to marry him," she further added.

She even vowed that she will "stay single" if Baba Ramdev doesn't marry her.

However, Ramdev said, "If Rakhi wants to use my name for promoting her show, then its a big thing. She is targeting a saint."

She even challenged that she would be able to seduce Ramdev when he comes face-to-face with her in Bigg Boss.

"I'm sure he will lose his virginity when he comes face-to-face with my adaayein", she claimed.

She also said that she doesn't like Baba Ramdev's beard and that she will make him go clean-shaven!

A year later, Rakhi changed her stance and said, "I respect Baba Ramdev. He should do yoga and keep quiet."

Rakhi Sawant called Anna Hazare “He-Man”!

Rakhi Sawant called Anna Hazare “He-Man”!

In 2011, Rakhi Sawant had approached anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare to seek his support on Censor Board decision to bleep out the words 'Choos Le' (suck) from her song 'Jawani Ki Bank Loot Le' in her film "Loot".

Rakhi wanted Gandhian crusader to judge for himself, whether her song 'Jawani Ki Bank Loot Le' is vulgar in compared to the other bollywood songs passed by the Censor Board.

Rakhi had also said, "He (Anna) is every Indian's role model today! He's the real He-Man, who has motivated the common man of India to voice his thoughts against corruption and fight the corrupt system head-on. I have no romantic inclination towards Anna," and also claimed, "My support is always there with him."

Rakhi shows her “heart of gold” for Sanjay Dutt

Rakhi shows her “heart of gold” for Sanjay Dutt

Sawant is also known for doing social activities in Mumbai. Last year in March, she even volunteered to go to jail on behalf of jailed actor Sanjay Dutt.

She had claimed that being a single woman it would not create any trouble for her if she spend coming years behind bar as it would create for the family man Dutt.

Lamenting for Dutt, she had asserted that she didn't mind doing a good deed to give Dutt his freedom.

Sawant has demanded pardon for Sanjay Dutt as she believe that the actor has already suffered a lot over the 20-year-old case.

Rakhi- a known

Rakhi- a known "publicity hunger”

In past Rakhi, who has got huge media attention, has participated in many reality shows including Bigg Boss and also won the dance reality show "Yeh Hai Jalwa".

She has also objected when politicians use her name "unnecessarily".

Sawant has also raised her voice for many social causes like road repairing and water issues and she is confident that she can be a good politican.

On International women's day, March 8, the bold starlet displayed her "woman power" and distributed "free food, gifts and 10000 dustbins" to the people living in slum areas to spread the message of cleanliness.

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