Hotline Modi and Obama- Just pick up and talk

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The setting up of a hotline between the Prime Minister of India and the President of the United States of America is significant on several fronts. What makes this even more significant is that a hotline has been set up between the two national security advisors as well.

To put it in simple words, the two leaders and the National Security Advisors can talk to each other at anytime and the calls will not go through several channels as was done.

Hotline Modi and Obama

What is a hotline?

Wikipedia describes hotline as a point to point communication link, which is a call automatically directed to the pre-selected destination without any additional action by the user when the end instrument goes off hook.

In simple terms, it would mean that a phone would automatically connect to the dedicated hotline phone on just picking up the receiver. The call is connected without having to dial the phone.

Countries that are connected on hotline:

  • USA-Russia
  • USA-UK
  • Russia-China
  • Russia-France
  • Russia-UK
  • India-Pakistan
  • USA-China
  • China-India
  • China-Japan
  • North and South Korea
  • India and USA

How is a hotline significant?

It is a secure and direct line of communication. The two leaders or the national security advisors can talk to each other at anytime and the calls will not need to go through several channels.

The decision to set up a hotline between the US and India shows that the level of confidence between the two countries has gone up a great deal. In fact it has reached new heights.

The establishing of a hotline also goes on to show that the two leaders are committed to carry forward the relations to newer levels and heights. The main intention is to remain engaged on a regular basis.

What subjects will be discussed?

The setting up of a hotline would ideally serve the purpose while discussing both national and international security. The line between the two national security advisors is very important as the NSA's normally talk about security related issues.

The setting up of the hotline between the NSA's goes on to show that national and international security is very high on the agenda between India and the US. The intelligence sharing on a very high level will be at real time speed. Intelligence is shared on various levels right from a local to a very high level. The hotline will ensure that intelligence is shared on a high level and in quick time.

The setting up of the hotline between India and the US is very important and significant since it has been set up between the highest leaders of the land. It is not a hotline between the foreign or defence ministers which only goes on to show how prioritized the relations have become.

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