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Empowering L-G: Are Keriwal's opponents trying to make him quit again?

By Shubham

The Centre has sided with Delhi Lieutenant General (L-G) Najeeb Jung in his serious clash with Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal over the appointment of bureaucrats in the state.

A gazette notification issued by the Home Ministry on Thursday night said that Jung will have jurisdictions over matters related to services, public order, police and land and he may consult the chief minister whenever he thinks necessary using his own "discretion". [Kejriwal calls L-G a Modi govt's puppet]


The problem started with the appointment of senior bureaucrat Shakuntala Gamlin as the acting chief secretary by the L-G last week and it had triggered a full-blown war between the AAP government and Najeeb Jung, with CM Kejriwal questioning the latter's authority and accusing him of trying to take over the administration. [Home Ministry notification shows BJP is nervous, says Kejriwal]

He even went to the extent of accusing the Narendra Modi government of interfering in Delhi government's functioning through Jung.

Is this crisis being allowed to push hot-headed Kejriwal to a desperate situation?

It is a constitutional debate as to where the lines of jurisdiction end. We surely can not have two heads ruling with authority in the same territory. Whether equipping Jung with absolute powers when there is an elected executive is right is also not above debate. But this entire issue has indicated at something sinister for Kejriwal.

Kejriwal himself has allowed his opponents to know his weaknesses

The man, even if he is morally right in this case, has been made look a fool because of his excessive actions and words in every matter.

Just like the liar shepherd who nobody believed when a tiger had indeed attacked his hard, Kejriwal has reduced his own stature to such a low today, thanks to his endless drama, that it is he who is facing the flak in the current tussle with the L-G and Centre.

This man quits out of desperation, Kejriwal's opponents know very well

Kejriwal's past actions have helped his enemies find weak spots in him. There could be a plan to corner the man by siding with the L-G so that he resigns office again like he had done last year after just 49 days of taking oath.

Another desperate resignation and Kejriwal will be history

That will be a suicidal step for Kejriwal for another hasty move and his reliability factor will be dashed. The AAP leader's opponents are baying for Kejriwal's blood and if he quits out of desperation because of the latest crisis, the consequent political instability in Delhi will do a great favour to anti-Kejriwal forces. The effects of the humiliating loss in February will be erased in no time.

Kejriwal's reckless behaviour has eroded his reliability factor

Kejriwal, as a responsible public figure, shouldn't engage in irresponsible and reckless behaviour in the open which will ultimately harm his own interest.

Getting a majority doesn't mean you are the king

Getting an overwhelming majority in the election didn't make him a king but gave him the license to prove his worth as an administrator. But Kejriwal got carried away with his brute majority and attacked Jung from the word go. He was perhaps thinking this is the right time to settle scores with Jung after the 2013 ruckus over the control of the Delhi Police but the excesses have boomeranged.

Kejriwal could have taken up this issue gradually and not escalate from the world go

If Kejriwal wants to last long and not perish, he must handle these challenges wisely. If he is against the present administrative set-up in Delhi which is not a full-fledged state, he must do it within the ambit of democratic politics and not find conspiracy in every voice that speaks against him.

Is elected CM Kejriwal being pushed to the brink so that he resigns again?

If Modi's BJP is using this crisis as an opportunity to corner Kejriwal and finish off his political career, it is the AAP chief himself who has gifted them the chance.

How long can Kejriwal survive like this? Well...

But Kejriwal is a man who doesn't tolerate criticism, whether inside his own camp or outside. And hence expecting him to play smartly to deal with the crafty opponents in the complicated game of politics is perhaps too much of an ask.

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